Differences between buying an off plan floor and a finished floor

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Decor : Differences between buying an off plan floor and a finished floor

More and more people decide to buy a new construction apartment.

In general, the purchase of an apartment is a question full of questions, which are sometimes difficult to answer. All people have doubts when buying a new floor, since a large number of homes are available on the market. In order not to have problems in this sense, the most recommended is to use a real estate portal specialized in the search for properties.

One of the most common doubts revolves around the characteristics of new flats, since on some occasions, people are guided only by the price of the new home. This is not the only factor that must be taken into account, so we will now analyze the main advantages of buying a new construction apartment.

What is a new construction floor

A row of new townhouses or condominiums.

When we talk about a new construction floor, we refer to a type of property in which no one has lived. Not all brand new homes are considered new construction, as they must meet a series of minimum requirements. First of all, it should be noted that the sale of new construction is in a great moment, something that can be seen reflected in the projects of the developers.

For example, in recent times they have been launched on the market new construction properties for all tastes and needs, ranging from single-family homes, to multi-bedroom apartments or penthouses with terraces. Endless possibilities, which attracts the attention of many people who do not know what new construction flats to buy.

Advantages of buying a new construction apartment over a second-hand apartment

Probably the biggest advantage of buy a new home is that no one has lived in it. In other words, it is a pristine property that is released by the buyer, so that the buyer becomes the first person to enjoy its characteristics. Unlike second-hand homes, new floors include some extras like advanced building materials or better common facilities.

But if for some reason the new construction homes It is for the longer useful life of buildings, something that directly benefits buyers, since they do not have to carry out reforms in a long period of time. In addition, new floors tend to be larger than old houses, since they offer a modern layout that makes better use of spaces.

Why buy a new construction flat off plan

At the time of buy a new apartment, it is very important to know how to differentiate the types of new homes that exist in the market. One of the most outstanding alternatives is to buy an off-plan apartment, since the price of these properties is usually lower than that of the houses already built -about 10-15% less-. However, the advantages of these floors go far beyond the economic aspect.

And it is that when acquiring a floor off plan, people can make some modifications to adapt it to their specific needs. In this way, the future owners of the property can carry out small changes related to the distribution, the manufacturing materials or the finishes – type of floor, color of the walls, bathroom equipment, etc.

Another advantage of getting a off-plan housing is that people can choose some specific aspects that affect the home such as orientation, the number of bedrooms or the garage. In addition, buyers can select the type of home they like the most – ground floor with garden, penthouse with pool.

Why buy a finished new construction apartment

Off-plan flats are a highly recommended option, however, some people prefer to opt for the purchase of a new construction finished. If this type of property stands out for something, it is because people can see its final finish before making the decision, that is, they can check the real characteristics of the house – distribution, dimensions, etc.

But above all, the main advantage of a new construction floor finished it resides in the possibility of inhabiting it quickly. And it is that as soon as the deed is signed in the notary and the keys are delivered, the owner can start enjoying the house. Another advantage is that people can take out the loan that the developer has to build the houses – if they need a mortgage.

Thanks to this factor, the future owners of the new construction property finished They avoid paying the appraisal -valuation that is used to determine the real price of the property. On the other hand, when buying a new finished apartment it is much more feasible to meet some of the neighbors who already live in the building.

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