Different types of book shelves, put order!

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Decor : Different types of book shelves, put order!

Book shelves

What is a shelf? According to the RAE it is a «furniture consisting of shelves or shelves ». A very open definition in which we can include furniture with very different designs intended to serve as storage space for various objects such as books.

There are those who resist abandoning the paper format and tend to accumulate books that end up invading different spaces in our home. Bookshelves They allow us to organize them, in addition to serving to dress a wall or separate different environments. Classic or modern, made of wood or metal … there are different types of shelves and today we show them to you.

Classic bookcase

The image of the classic bookstore takes us back to a past in which these pieces of furniture decorated elegant living rooms and libraries. Made of noble woodsThese shelves usually consisted of two differentiated parts: a lower one with doors and an upper one, open or glazed, which revealed the content of the different shelves.

Classic bookcase

Maison du Monde bookstores

Niche shelving

Niche shelves are those that are integrated into the wall itself, taking advantage of a gap generally created from work. The shelves can also be built to achieve a minimalist aesthetic, incorporate wooden shelves to provide greater warmth to the whole or do a custom carpentry work reinforcing the classic style of the room. Whatever the choice, you can adjust the height of the shelves to the standard size of the books to maximize space.

Niche shelving

Industrial style

Industrial-style bookcases often have a solid metallic structure and shelves made of metal or wood to provide greater warmth to the furniture. They are reminiscent of the furniture that decades ago decorated the first post offices, simple but with a large storage capacity.

Industrial shelving

Industrial shelving by Pib and Love The Sign

Along with these it is also possible to find smaller pieces of grid that are original not so much for their shapes, but for their aesthetics and color. Do you dare with designs in neon tones? They are a trend to decorate youth environments.

Modern wooden shelves

On-trend wooden shelves are inspired by the Scandinavian style. Made of wood in light tones or painted white, they incorporate doors or shelves in contrasting colors into the design. In addition, it is common for them to rise on four legs, a feature that will allow you to clean under the furniture more comfortably.

Modern wooden shelves

Shelves by Love the Sign, Kave Home and Maisons du Monde In addition to these, among the on-trend wooden shelves, those with a asymmetric design. Shelves that bring originality to our home. Why? Because unconsciously we tend to decorate looking for symmetry, turning these shelves into a form of rebellion. In white and gray tones, to give all the prominence to design, they are a great alternative to decorate modern and contemporary spaces.

Geometric patterned shelves

Geometric shelves are currently among the decorative trends. Small or medium in size, they have been designed to add personality to our walls. Square, round, hexagonal or diamond-shaped, they usually have an external structure made of metal or wood and a limited number of shelves. They do not have a large capacity but they are very decorative.

Geometric wall shelves

Geometric Shelving by Really Nice Things, Made and Kave Home

Configurable book shelves

The modular and configurable bookcases allow you to play with different options for adapt the shelves to your needs both space and practices. The Svälnas series from Ikea is an example of this; a flexible solution for the wall of the living room, bedroom or workplace that offers both open and closed storage solutions, to show or hide your things. Some suspension rails serve as a base to combine shelves of different depths and widths in which to store everything from books to small things, as you can see on the cover.

As you have seen, there are many types of shelves that we can install in our homes in order to organize books and other personal items. Which one do you like the most?

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