Different types of desk for the office

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Decor : Different types of desk for the office

tables for the office

There are many of us who currently work from home; many more since the pandemic began. Nor are you few who, as freelancers, must create an office from scratch in an empty space in which to serve your clients. And in both cases, there is an element that can not be missing in our workspace: a table for the office.

Choosing a desk for the office Appropriate is key to be able to carry out our work comfortably. To choose it, however, we will have to take much more into account than its design. Analyzing the space and its distribution will be key to choosing between the different types of desk for the office, the right one. And there are many types of table, of which today we have wanted to highlight some for you:

Integrated and tailored

Both in small spaces and in those with an unusual layout, a table and bespoke shelves represent the smarter way to take advantage of space. And you don’t need a big investment for it; just analyze the space and create a work surface in the right place.

Custom work surfaces for the office

Have you noticed the images? In all of them, commercial storage solutions are combined with a work surface made to measure to take advantage of the length of the room, well nooks and crannies between columns, walls or cabinets.

It is a great choice for furnishing rooms with more than one function. You can even bet on folding work surfaces that allow you to extend the stay when you need it for another use. If you decide to do this, install shelves with a minimum depth of 20 cm. about these in which to be able to leave things permanently, you will appreciate it!

Modern secretary desk

The secretary remains one of the most interesting pieces to create small workspaces. With a compact design, they provide you with a desk area to place the computer and different compartments that allow you to organize your work supplies.

Modern secretary desks

Modern secretary desks take up little space and allow you to have in a single piece of furniture everything you need to work. Made of wood, they generally have clean lines that help their integration into any space. In addition, you can find among the secrets very interesting designs:

  • With door. They are the ones that most resemble the classic secretaires, since like those they have a “door” that allows us to hide the workspace, making documents and work tools disappear from our view with a simple movement. A feature that in addition to helping us to disconnect if the secretary is installed in a common space, will contribute to making the space look more orderly.
  • With fixing to the wall. When you do not need a large space to work or have one, wall secrets are a great alternative. They take up little space and do not represent any obstacle. The floor is clear, thus giving the feeling of spaciousness in the larger space.

Adjustable table

A height-adjustable table is another option to consider if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer and you must undertake tasks of different kinds. These generally offer you a robust desk, guaranteed to last for years, with a simple design that will not cost you to adapt to your office.

Height adjustable table

Choosing a table for the office of these characteristics will allow you work both sitting and standing. This will make it easier for you to stretch your legs, something that all experts on the subject recommend doing from time to time.

Contemporary door-facing table

When we work with clients, orienting the table so that they feel welcome is important. Choosing a table with an attractive design, replacing the typical chair with an armchair and choosing soft and warm colors will also help them feel more relaxed.

Contemporary design and door-facing

Light furniture, white or in translucent materials, will help to visually enlarge the space. Wooden furniture and textiles, for their part, will contribute to creating a warmer and more welcoming space. But just as important as choosing the table or more will be to have it tidy. And for this, it will be essential to have the appropriate storage solutions.

What type of office table do you like the most? Which one do you think would best suit your office?

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