Discover how to add beautiful accessories to your home

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Decor : Discover how to add beautiful accessories to your home

Accessories to decorate

Our home should be a place where we feel comfortable, a cozy space. That is why we have to put the emphasis on pretty accessories that give it that special touch. A house in which there is only functional furniture lacks the necessary charm to feel comfortable in it every day, so we have to put something in it that makes us feel in our own space.

The accessories and decorative accessories They are very varied and you have to choose them well. It is not about filling the house with different things, but we should think about choosing well each detail so that the space is unique and special.

Decorative mirrors

Mirrors to decorate

Mirrors have a function but are mainly decorative, so we find many different models. We can find many mirrors but one idea that we especially like is to decorate a wall with mirrors of different sizes and shapes, since it is something very original and that is also a trend right now. You can also go for a nice mirror with a baroque frame for the entrance area or for the dressing room. There are many places where we can add them, from the hall to the bathroom and the bedrooms.

Minimalist vases

Minimalist vases

Vases are another decorative detail that can make our space more beautiful. The vases of minimalist style are very popular nowadays because they are very elegant thanks to their basic shapes. These vases decorate with or without flowers, so they are a perfect detail to put on a side table, above the fireplace or on a dresser in the hall.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets

We adore wicker baskets and in general, any detail that has been made in this precious material that has become fashionable again. You can’t have your home without wicker baskets, which are now a trend. You will find many different ideas, such as wicker baskets with pompoms, those that are painted in colors and those that have a more traditional look. They are a detail that gives the environments a lot of naturalness and can be mixed with other wicker pieces such as rugs or chairs.

Plants in your home

Plants in the home

The plants are a complement that should not be missing in no home. The plants give us a natural touch and provide relaxation and color to the environments, so they can be put in many places. From the kitchen to the terrace and the living room. You should choose plants that are indoor or outdoor depending on where you put them and try to inform yourself about their care so that they always look good.

Pictures for the walls

Pictures on the wall

Another thing that you should add is pictures that you like. Today there are many prints that can be framed and that not only give color but also personality to the walls of the home. You can play with these pictures adding some of different themes and sizes, or add several photographs, for example in black and white. If you want to make a composition of paintings, it is something that is more complicated, but you should try to add paintings that have something in common, from the style to a tonality. Only then will you create a coherent and beautiful set.

Patterned wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a perfect detail for add patterns to our home. This wallpaper can be put on the walls, but it is also ideal if we want to renovate a piece of furniture. It is possible to put it in the part of the bottom of a closet, or in the bottom of the drawers, so that they have something special when we open them. It is a complement that can give us a lot of play.

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