Discover how to add patterns to decoration

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Decor : Discover how to add patterns to decoration

Prints in the decoration

Although the Nordic style has reached every house and it has become a trend that everyone wants to follow, the truth is that there is much more than white and basic spaces. Prints and color can be added to our decoration because it is other elements to create style. This element helps us to give color and create special environments in any room.

We are going to find out how patterns can be added to decorationas there are many ways to do it. Mixing patterns is difficult but it can also be done because it can be a great idea to create something unique. Ideas can be very varied and creative.

Patterned wall with wallpaper

How to mix patterns

If you have proposed to add wallpaper on the walls and make it striking, you will surely be looking for a very patterned and colorful pattern. These types of wallpapers are ideal for the most amazing walls, but they can turn off the rest of the decoration. Contrast is necessary to be able to highlight, for example, the sofa, with a color that draws attention to that role. On the other hand, if you want to add other colors in the room, you can choose one that appears on the paper so that everything combines well. It is difficult to add more patterns that can be seen on that paper but you can do it in small touches such as on the carpet or on some cushions.

Mix cushions

If you want to have fun to give a room more personality, then you can mix patterns on the cushions. They are small details but if they are combined they can give an incredible look to your spaces. This type of mix may seem difficult but the trick is to choose similar or matching shades, in addition to prints that have a similar style, that is, not to combine the vintage with the geometric for example. Stick to two or three shades and choose cushions in that style to match. In addition, it is a detail that you can change from time to time to play with these colors and patterns.

A main print

Add patterns in the home

One of the things you can do when adding patterns to your home is to choose a single pattern that stands out from the rest and use that as the main one. It can be a pattern that appears on the wallpaper, on a large carpet or curtains, because being large areas tend to attract more attention. From that pattern you can create the rest of the decoration. If we are not good at mixing, it is best to refer to a pattern and add some of the colors of that pattern to the rest of the decoration.

Focus on the color gamut

Varied patterns for your home

Choosing the colors of the prints can also be tricky. One of the rules that we must follow is that we must stay in the same range of tones. They can be medium tones, pastel tones or strong tones but they all combine if they are in the same range. Looking for inspiration we will find ideas to mix groups of colors with ease. Also the materials of the textiles can be similar, for example if we choose something with velvet, add a sofa with this material.

One color and different patterns

How to mix prints at home

You can also use another idea. It’s about using the same color palette but with different patterns. That is, use for example blue or yellow with different shades and with different patterns. It is a fun idea that allows you to easily combine different patterns since they combine thanks to the color they share. It is another inspiration that can help us give a little color and fun to spaces.

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