Discover how to create a Parisian-style decoration

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Decor : Discover how to create a Parisian-style decoration

Discover the Parisian style

The Parisian style is inspired by the city of Paris, which is always a reference for glamor and fashion. Without a doubt, it is a good place to look for inspirations and ideas when decorating our home, so that it has a much more chic look, as the Parisian atmosphere dictates. We are going to see some ideas to decorate the home in Parisian style, a style that could be defined as sober elegance with vintage touches.

The Parisian style is one that is inspired by the French capital, a place where you can still find bohemian and chic atmospheres. That is why this style, both in decoration and in fashion, tends to pay little attention to trends and seeks a much more timeless, elegant and chic touch.

The most bohemian mix

Parisian style in your home

Mixing is one of the keys to the Parisian style. As we say, they do not tend to follow trends without more, or very defined style, but they look for their own style finding objects and details with which they feel identified and that they like them. A great idea to create this mix is ​​to buy modern details and add others that you find in rakes and flea markets, something that is very common in Parisian interiors. We can find an old painting next to a vase with a minimalist design. The idea is that you have to mix but without going overboard, looking for pieces that are unique, that we like and that stand out. This should be done without fear, because Parisians know that those who have style are not afraid of mixing to achieve a special interior design with personality.

Brings a lot of light

Bright environments

The light is often essential in Parisian interiors. Older flats typically have large windows and high ceilings, allowing lots of light to be brought into the rooms. However, if we want even more light to enter we can resort to mirrors, as they reflect it and expand spaces, and to the white color on the walls and baseboards. If we paint the baseboards white, the walls will become even more spacious.

Find vintage pieces

If you want an authentic Parisian style, you should not give up vintage. It is common in Paris to find weekend markets where you can find unique pieces that have history and that they can have a second life. Antique mirrors, small vases, special paintings and much more. These small details are the ones that finally give the space much more personality, so if you like the Parisian touch, you cannot give up adding vintage touches. You can also include some old furniture with its original appearance.

Contained and discreet luxury

Mixes in the Parisian style

The French style has always been linked to luxury, to the golden details and with many ornaments. However, we also see how the Parisian style seeks a much more natural touch. That is why in these decorations the chic and luxurious touch is usually added but in a discreet way. A crystal chandelier in the living room, a gold accented mirror, or other gold accessories can add that touch.

Don’t look for perfection

Parisian style created with imperfections

In Parisian interiors you do not look for a magazine space. A certain naturalness and imperfection is sought. That is, do not put the books ordered by color, the furniture in a symmetrical way or the carpets perfectly aligned. We know that the Parisian style has something bohemian and therefore casual, so you must create a certain imperfection in the spaces. Cross the rugs, make a asymmetrical composition of pictures and stacks the books in one corner. This touch will make the atmosphere Parisian and carefree. Mixed with those luxurious touches you will have the very successful Parisian decoration.

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