Discover how to create accent walls with elements

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Decor : Discover how to create accent walls with elements

Decorate the walls

The walls are an important part of the decoration Athough it does not seems. Leaving them unadorned can make spaces too boring, so they have great potential. So we are going to talk about a few ideas to create decorative walls, with pieces that improve the walls to make everything more beautiful.

We can do many things with the walls, since there are many decorative elements to add. With different ideas to change the style of the rooms and even renew the spaces just by changing the walls. That is why there are many ideas to show you that can inspire you.

Use paint for the walls

Decorate the wall with paint

The paint can be a good way to renovate the walls. Not only painting the spaces with a new color, but also using paint to make shapes or even to paint the wall as if it were a canvas. If you want to make geometric shapes, you can use tapes to make lines. It is not a very complicated idea and it allows you to combine different tones on your walls, creating unique spaces. With a little paint we can renew the spaces in a completely different way and without spending too much.

Cover walls

Decorate the walls

The walls can be clad in many ways to create new things. You can clad an area with brick to give it an industrial style, but it is also possible to clad with wood to give it warmth or a more rustic style. The clad walls look completely different, as if they were created with other materials. It is a way to protect them, since for example wood also serves as an insulator.

Wallpaper for the walls

Decorate with wallpaper

Wallpaper is another element that is used to completely change the walls. Years ago, wallpaper went out of fashion but nowadays it is a trend again. At present it is possible to find many types of wallpapers to decorate the walls, from some chic to others vintage, with many different motifs and with all kinds of colors. The only problem with the wallpaper is its application, since it is not always something simple, since the drawings must coincide in each section.

Pictures on the walls

Decorate with pictures on the walls

The walls can also be decorated with pictures. This idea is somewhat traditional, since paintings are always an element to take into account so that the walls come to life. Nowadays, mixes of paintings are very popular. Original compositions are used with different paintings in varied measures that combine to create something asymmetrical but original. You can buy prints that combine in terms of tones and motifs, buying the frames separately, a type of simple frame in wood or white or black tones. It is also another possibility to buy a shelf and put the pictures leaning on it.

Wicker pieces

Decorate with wicker

Another trend that we can see to decorate the walls, are the wicker pieces. Small wicker baskets are usually used, which are put on the walls to create simple compositions. Wicker is a natural material that is also very warm, making it perfect for decorating any home. Without a doubt, it is a very peculiar type of decoration that has become popular in recent years.

Use mirrors to expand spaces

Mirrors to decorate the walls

The way of expand spaces is to use mirrors on the walls. Mirrors not only have a function, but they also help us to decorate spaces. There are many types of mirrors, from wicker mirrors to vintage mirrors, gilt mirrors and all kinds. If we combine several mirrors, it is important that they have a similar style.

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