Discover how to decorate the living room in vintage style

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Decor : Discover how to decorate the living room in vintage style

Vintage living room

Decorate a living room in vintage style It is a great idea as it is a style that does not go out of style. It is still a trend because vintage is old pieces that we use to create a timeless environment, with furniture that is classic. Without a doubt, it is a style that is very popular again because it allows us to recover very beautiful furniture and create unique spaces, away from prefabricated furniture.

Let’s see some ideas to decorate the living room in vintage style, a style that can appear in the details or create a global style in our living room. The good thing about a style like this is that it is very versatile, so we can mix it with many others.

Add vintage furniture

Vintage furniture

To create a vintage-style living room there is one thing that you can never miss. We refer to the vintage furniture that is so popular today. If you find some old furniture that you can restoreThey are the best pieces for these spaces. Those furniture are made of wood, they last for years and we can renew them with simple steps. Use sandpaper to remove the old varnish, use primer and paint again for a vintage piece of furniture with a modern touch. The result will be perfect. The furniture is carried in white colors or even in tones that attract attention such as blue or green.

Leather armchair

Vintage armchairs

One of the details that are usually seen in many salons that have this vintage style and even the industrial style that many use antique pieces are the leather armchairs with or without tufted. They have that old touch that is difficult to find in other sofas and armchairs, so they have become a classic with great personality. Obviously, choosing one of these sofas is a great decision, since it is a piece that is used a lot and perhaps we like other types of armchairs more, but it is a piece of furniture to take into account if we want our living room to have that vintage soul.

Vintage mirrors

Vintage style

The vintage does not only appear in the furniture that we can add to our living room. On many occasions we choose simple and classic furniture, with a certain timeless touch or even with more modern basic lines, but we create a certain vintage atmosphere thanks to the small details that we add in the living room. An idea that we really like is to put vintage mirrors on the walls of our living room. In this case we refer to vintage-style mirrors, with beautiful metal frames and vintage touches. Even mirrors with wicker can be an idea that comes from this style that looks back.

Wicker details

Lounge with wicker

He wicker has been in fashion for years and today it has become part of our decorations. It has a vintage touch because it is related to past trends and in fact many furniture in this material is old, but we can also find it in current decoration stores. We can add some wicker detail to our vintage living room, such as a rug, some baskets for plants, a lamp, mirrors or even some chairs. It is a very versatile material that is used for many different things.

Focus on decorative objects

Vintage details

On many occasions we can create a vintage space focusing only on decorative details. Add an antique mirror, vintage hanging potted flowers, and cushions that are inspired by years gone by. All of this will create a vintage atmosphere that will be easily recognizable. We can also include vintage lamps for the ceiling or floor. There are even wallpapers that have a vintage style to put on the walls or pictures that are inspired by other times.

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