Discover how to make the most of your small balcony

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Decor : Discover how to make the most of your small balcony

Well decorated small balcony

The balcony area is an outdoor place that can give us a lot of play if we know how to take advantage of it. We are going to see some ideas to take advantage of the balcony, that area that brings an outdoor touch to many closed floors and that has given us a place to rest on many occasions. There are many people who do not enjoy this small outdoor area as it deserves.

We’ll see some decorative ideas to get the most out of our balcony. This area is great to create a rest space or a totally natural area. Enjoy redecorating your home to make it a totally cozy and functional place. Because the balcony is another area that can be very useful.

Folding furniture to take advantage of the balcony

Decorate the balcony with folding furniture

One of the things that we can use in the balcony area are the folding furniture. This type of furniture occupies very little and has the great advantage that if the weather is bad we can store it in a corner of the room. They are the best option for small and narrow balconies, as this way we can easily remove them without much effort and store them in a corner until we need them again. There are many types of folding furniture in materials such as wood or metal. In addition, this type of outdoor furniture has very good prices.

Add lots of plants

Add plants on the balcony

The plants are another essential element on our balcony. With them we give life to the balcony, we fill it with color and we also make everything more natural. It is as if we could have a piece of the outside in our house or apartment without a garden. We can even plant some aromatic plants to use in the kitchen like rosemary. An idea for plants is to use vertical pots, because that way we will not take up space on the balcony with large pots.

Wood and plants create natural environments

Wood and plants on the balcony

There are many people who want create a balcony with natural touches, inspired by nature. For that we should use natural materials such as wicker and a lot of wood. In this balcony we see that idea with basic tones in the textiles, the warmth of the wood and many plants that give everything more naturalness. Without a doubt one of the balconies that we like the most.

It has a storage bank

Balcony with storage

The storage is another key point on the smallest balconies. That is why adding a storage bench is a great idea. These benches are used to sit, so we save a piece of furniture, and underneath they leave space to store things. They are great because they allow us to store textiles or utensils to easily arrange plants in a single corner and without losing space. This one also has wheels, which makes it easy for us to move it from one side to the other.

Textiles for the balcony

Textiles to decorate the balcony

The Cozier balconies always make use of good textiles. It is true that we can only take them out when the weather is good to avoid spoiling them, but this type of textile allows us to feel more comfortable on the balcony. Choose some good cushions for the chairs or benches, some blankets for the cool days and you will have the perfect balcony.

A little lighting

Add lighting to your balcony

If we want get the most out of our balconyIt should also be a place that we can use at night or when the sun goes down. For this we need a little lighting. Some people choose some candles to create atmosphere but you can also use garlands that work with a few batteries and give a little light.

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