Discover how to renovate a bathroom with style

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Decor : Discover how to renovate a bathroom with style

Renovate the bathrooms

Renovate a bathroom or any other area of ​​our home It is usually somewhat difficult, although it is true that we can also make small reforms that add a lot of style to our house. In this case we are going to see some ideas to renovate a bathroom with style. It is possible to give an elegant and modern touch to our bathroom by changing some things, without doing major renovations.

There are some ideas that everyone can do to renovate the bathroom with style and without it being a great expense. With these small changes we will have a bathroom that will seem new and special, perfect to give a more modern air to our home.

Use paint for the tiles

New tiles

The tiles are one of the parts that first go out of style, and there are so many designs that are constantly being renewed. Today there are many modern style tiles, with all kinds of colors, but especially with bright and light tones, such as white or pastel tones. There are even tiles like the hydraulic style that have become very popular. If you want to renew the tiles, you can paint them with a nice paint, either satin or matte, in a light or broken white tone, because it is one of the most current trends. This will give much more light to your home and also luminosity to the spaces, with a bathroom that will appear much larger.

Put a new floor

Laminate flooring

The floor can be another part of our bathroom that is already obsolete, so we can also change it easily. There are laminate floors that are not very expensive and that serve to give a special touch to the bathroom. Tones like gray and laminate floors that mimic wood can be a good idea to renew this space. There are also floors that mimic hydraulic tiles that are so fashionable in shades like white or gray.

Change the mirrors

Bathroom mirrors

The mirrors in the bathroom have also been updated in recent years. Today the hanging mirrors, minimalist and simple, avoiding those large mirrors with drawers or shelves. It is a simpler idea that will give more prominence to the design of the mirror, so you can change the one you have and put a new one. It can be a vintage-style mirror, a simple one with bamboo, or a round industrial-style mirror. There are many different ideas that can easily renovate the sink area.

Paint the bathtub

There are enamels for bathtubs they can also renew this. Both in the bathtub and in the shower area if we have one with tiles. This area is another important part of our bathroom and therefore can be renovated with paint. The bathtub can be set in another nice shade, from blue to white or gray. There are enamels for bathtubs that stand the test of time well. If you have a screen or curtains, it can be another detail that you should change to renew the bathroom.

Change the lighting

Lighting is important, because it is another thing that can change a space. A good lighting makes the spaces much more spacious. Also, the choice of the lamp is important. On the other hand, we can even add candles to give a nice light from time to time and add aromas.

The little details

Details in the bathroom

Another thing that should be changed when it comes to renovating a bathroom are the small details. Renew the towels and buy them in the same shade. Find a nice carpet for the floor, add a natural plant and also some small furniture like those bamboo stairs to support the towels.

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