Discover how to wallpaper a wall

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Discover how to wallpaper a wall

Wallpaper walls

Changing the look of a wall can be a great idea when renewing spaces. Without a doubt we can enjoy a new space if we learn to wallpaper the wall with the great wallpaper, a resource that offers us many variants.

The wallpapers They have become an element that helps us give a new dimension to our wall. But for this we have to learn to wallpaper the wall, something that is not as simple as it seems.

Prepare the walls

Painted paper

The first thing we should do is prepare the walls to work with them. To wallpaper the wall it must be smooth and totally clean. That is, if we have cracks or roughness, the wall must be balanced so that it is smooth. If the wall has had a wallpaper before, it must be completely removed, scratched with a spatula and cleaned until it is left without remains.

The best is clean the wall with a damp cloth and you have to let it dry. To apply the wallpaper the wall must be very clean and dry. Sometimes a little glue diluted in water is applied so that the wall is more receptive when receiving the wallpaper.

Gather the materials

When it comes to wallpapering a wall we have to have some essential materials. We must have a wide table to stretch and glue the paper, brush, tail, a boat to make that tail, spatulas, rollers, scissors, measuring tape, a ladder and brushes. In general these are the materials we need. We may have to use others such as plastics to protect the soil.

Calculate the number of rolls

Wallpaper on the wall

It is important that when wallpapering the walls let's measure everything very carefully. If we know the meters that we have to wallpaper we can buy the necessary paper, although it is always better to buy some extra roll in case there is a problem. We will measure the rolls and calculate the centimeters at the time of cutting, always leaving a few more centimeters.

Prepare the paper

The next step is to spread the paper on the table to be able to apply the glue on the reverse side in a uniform manner. It is important spread the tail well to prevent it from sticking in certain places. You should have the paper in strips and put the tail of the center sideways, spreading carefully. Once we have it extended it must be left about ten minutes before putting it on the wall.

Put the paper

Wall paper

The placement of paper is one of the most difficult things we can think of. We must take the paper through the upper area and start placing it around a corner, leaving a few centimeters, since then it is trimmed with a cutter. The brush should be pasted little by little to prevent wrinkles and bubbles from forming on the paper, since when it dries they can no longer be fixed. We must also be very careful to put the paper completely straight.

The next strip should also be very carefully. It sticks and we must match the drawings, since the papers usually have a print. This is one of the most difficult parts. If we do not square the drawing well the paper will be badly placed and the drawing will not be good. We must take our time and relocate it if we put it wrong.

Finally we must review those places in which we have plenty of wallpaper. The edges that remain in sockets and other places are trimmed. In this way it will be perfectly placed even in the areas where it is left over. It should be trimmed carefully so that the effect is perfect.

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