Discover some decorative tips for stylish kitchens

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Decor : Discover some decorative tips for stylish kitchens

Stylish kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most frequented places in our home. It should be a well-organized workspace, but also a cozy place where we will spend hours, so it needs to be properly decorated. Let’s see some decorative tips for a stylish kitchen.

Decorating the kitchen is also a matter of find the right elements and combine them with pleasure. Without a doubt we will have many different ideas to add to our kitchen, with different types of styles and all of them with a certain charm.

Make good use of space

A well distributed kitchen It will allow us to adapt well to the space and have a place to work. For them you have all kinds of kitchens, from those with an L shape to those with a large island in the middle. We must think about using cabinets well because a perfect order in our kitchen will make it a much more cozy place. The result will always be more harmonious if there are not hundreds of things in sight.

Use light and neutral tones

White kitchen

Although many of the modern kitchens use strong colors in their spaces, the truth is that we really like the combination of light and neutral tonesBecause you can create environments that are really serene and elegant. If you also have a small kitchen, light tones will help you make it more spacious. Use white and glossy finish tiles to reflect light. Wood that is in light tones, since it is perfect for a modern kitchen but with classic touches or one in Scandinavian style.

Add some plants

Kitchen with plants

We love the freshness and serenity that plants always bring to our spaces. That is why in the kitchen area we should also add some plants in order to provide freshness. Plants in green tones are ideal to combine with light wood and Nordic environments, but we can also add a vase with flowers that add a touch of color.

Choose the lamps well

Kitchen with lamps

Another element that sometimes we do not pay attention to but that says a lot about the decoration are the lamps. If you have an island you will have the ideal point on which suspend a lamp with personality. They will be industrial spotlights, or a designer lamp, even an elegant one with crystals. The possibilities are very varied but we must not underestimate the decorative touch that a lamp can bring.

Invest in the soil

Hydraulic floor

A nice and functional floor It is also another of the strengths of a kitchen. Although we like open spaces, we can dare with a floor in gray tones. Hydraulic tiles are also widely used in the kitchen area, which also give it a very vintage and modern personality. These tiles can add a touch of patterning to a sober kitchen in plain tones and neutral colors.

Create a coffee corner

This is an idea that we think is great if you have space to do it. Creating a coffee corner can be ideal, especially if you like coffee and herbal teas. You can put some shelves for the cups, a good coffee maker and everything you need on a cart or a small piece of furniture. With chalkboard paint create the background, on which you can write messages. The end result will be great and you will have your own corner for coffee.

Add a dining room

Kitchen with dining room

The dining room is not always in a separate room, but often must be integrated into the kitchen. So if you have to do this, think of a table and chairs that match well with the rest of the kitchen. Wooden tables combined with industrial chairs are a great idea. Nordic style chairs can also be a good idea, or put each chair in a different style.

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