Discover some keys to organize the dressing room

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Discover some keys to organize the dressing room

IDeas to organize the dressing room

The dressing room can be one of the areas of the house where we have more chaos, since we have different types of clothes according to season and types in addition to footwear and accessories. Creating a dressing that is functional and well organized is also essential to make the most of the use of those clothes we have.

Let's see some keys to correctly organize our dressing room with some simple ideas to create it. If we organize everything well from the beginning we can enjoy a dressing room that offers us the possibility of having everything in place and ordering things with greater ease on a daily basis.

First do a cleaning in your closet

Before you start creating a good organized dressing room what you have to do is do a good cleaning. If you follow Marie Kondo's method, you will know that the best thing you can do is gather your clothes and go looking one by one to keep only what brings you something. If we do a good cleaning we will only organize what will be really useful. In this way we get an idea of ​​the space we really need for our dressing room.

Buy cabinets that are modular

Dressing room furniture

In many decoration stores today we find the great modular cabinets. These furniture are purchased by modules so we can adapt them to our space and the real needs we have. It is a new way to see these closets that adapts to what each person requires. To buy them we must be clear about the size of our dressing room and our needs. Previously we must have thought about the space we want to leave for clothes, for footwear and accessories, with an idea to organize everything. Anyway, these cabinets have parts that can be added as new needs arise.

Add drawers at the bottom

Organize the dressing room

A good closet should have some closed areas so as not to see the clothes and to store some things. If our dressing room is large enough we can store in the drawers those garments that are not seasonal or those that we do not use so often. This way they will not take dust, since this is a great disadvantage of the cabinets that are open, that if the clothes are not used regularly they get to take dirt easily. In these drawers we can store garments as underwear that we do not want to be visible, t-shirts, sweaters and other pieces that have to be stored in drawers. The drawers for these cabinets already have the ideal width to add them to our closet.

Learn to fold clothes and store

Organize the dressing room

To have everything tidy, it is also essential that we get used to keeping things right. We must practice folding clothes as we wish to keep. In the mentioned method they give us some ideas, although there are more ways to fold clothes. We have to keep it in a way that is functional when it comes to taking it.

Create categories

Creating categories to separate clothes will help us find it faster and have everything tidier. Separate by types of clothing in a first step because it is the most usual. But you can also divide by party clothes, work or office clothes, sports clothes and much more. The important thing is that these categories are useful to you when ordering daily and picking up and finding clothes.

Transparent boxes for accessories

Sometimes we do not use the accessories because we forget what we have. This is because we don't have them in sight. Buy transparent boxes as a jeweler to see everything easily and also some hangers. So you will see what you have and you will wear it more often.

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