Discover the beautiful neutral tones for the living room

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Decor : Discover the beautiful neutral tones for the living room

Neutral tones

The Neutral tones are the most used because they are basic and combine with many other colors. It is a sure success that will always allow us to be fashionable in a simple and fast way, without complicating ourselves too much. Neutral tones also help us to create serene and very elegant spaces, since they are not flashy tones or that can get us tired.

We’ll see how you can decorate the living room with elegant neutral tones. These types of tones can be combined with each other and if we want to change the style we can also add other more varied colors to give a touch to our living room. Discover how to decorate the living room in an elegant way with these neutral tones.

What are the neutral tones

Neutral tones are what are also called basic tones. They are neutral because they can be combined with any other. We refer to colors from the range of white, beige, gray or black, which are the most basic colors that we can find and which are the basis for any decoration. With these tones we can create a simple decoration and we will always hit the mark, as they are tones that do not go out of style as they are the most basic that exist.

White in a Nordic living room

Neutral tones in the living room

White is one of the great basics in today’s spaces. Nordic-style living rooms use white a lot to reflect light and to create very bright and spacious spaces. Simplicity is the key in these rooms, so the white color as a base is perfect. Few or no shades are usually used, using wood as a contrast to its warm tones. Of course it is one of the best basic colors for our living room, since we can use it on the walls, floors and furniture to expand the spaces and to make them much brighter.

The versatility of gray tones

Gray tones

Gray colors are undoubtedly the other shades that we should choose for a living room. Gray is very versatile, it can be used in all kinds of styles and it is very elegant and timeless. If we do not want everything to be totally white, we can always use gray, since there are many medium tones, from a light pearl gray to darker charcoal gray. These tones can be highly sober, but right now they take a lot, so making a living room with grays and whites is the perfect mix. Also, over time you can add some other shade to the gray if you want to give it joy, such as yellow, which contrasts very well with gray.

The warmest tones

Warm tones

There are those who prefer a lounge with warmer tones for a different atmosphere. Warmth is usually sought in living rooms and is something that sometimes we do not find in Nordic spaces or in living rooms that have been decorated in gray tones. Warm tones are also perfect, so beige, light yellow and earth tones can be used for living rooms. These tones also tend to appear in many of the materials used in living rooms, with the warm tone of wood or fabrics such as linen.

Add some wicker pieces

Neutral tones

In the classrooms we can create a totally natural environment if we refer to basic tones. For example, we can use shades like those of wicker pieces, which are also a trend right now. Wicker or rattan furniture can be found easily and adds a lot to the decor. On the one hand they give a certain informal air, but they are also perfect for creating natural and beautiful environments, with a lot of charm.

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