Discover the decorative details for your children’s bedroom

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Decor : Discover the decorative details for your children’s bedroom

Children's decoration

The children’s bedrooms are always full of decorative details for the little ones. We want them to be very special places where children feel comfortable and a space designed precisely for them. So they usually include perfect decorative details for the little ones, very beautiful and full of color.

Let’s see some decorative details that cannot be missing in a children’s bedroom. If you are thinking of decorating one of these spaces, we propose some fresh ideas to create a unique atmosphere in the space designed for the smallest of the house.

Funny wall paper

Painted paper

One of the first things you can do to improve children’s space is to decorate the walls. There is certainly no better idea for this than adding a fun wallpaper. There are many different motifs available in children’s wallpapers, from animals to flowers or geometric motifs of all kinds. Normally what we do with this type of paper is to add color to the walls, so the choice of tones is going to be something important.

Special shelves

The shelves are ideal to put some nice toys or also to add some books in which the covers are seen. You can choose simple shelves or also some that are more fun. There are shelves in the shape of a house that tend to like a lot for children’s spaces because they are very decorative and also those with geometric shapes.

Add a nice teepee

Decorative teepees

The teepees are ideal to create a unique space for children. They can be easily removed for what seems to us a perfect decorative detail. These teepees have very beautiful fabrics that are decorative and serve so that children have a space in which to play or read quietly. However, they are pieces that occupy a lot so you have to leave space for this type of thing.

Printed textiles

Colorful textiles

Another way to create a fun environment in children’s spaces is to choose textiles well. Those that are printed are a great idea, since it is a type of textile that is very beautiful for these spaces. They usually have prints with color and motifs that children like like animals or pictures. The coloring in the children’s room is usually in bright tones, leaving aside the most neutral because these get bored. Look for textiles in shades like yellow, green, or pink. The most cheerful tones are the ones that the little ones like and that way they will feel more comfortable in their space.

Garlands and banners

Decorate with banners

Kids like parties and festive details, so it’s no wonder they love details like garlands and banners. These types of pieces are highly sought after for children’s decorations. The colored banners can be put on the walls or in some furniture to decorate it. It is also a great idea to put string lights, which also add a soft touch of light in children’s rooms. They are small details that add a different touch to any space. You can put them on the furniture, on a painting or on the headboard of the bed.

Create your play corner

Game's zone

If there is something children do in their rooms, it is play, especially if they do not have a playroom for them. This idea is perfect if they can only play in their room. For this area you can put some cushions for the floor But you can also make a reading area if that is what they like to do or create a space with a blackboard, a table and small chairs to be able to paint and enjoy in this space.

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