Discover the decorative mistakes we usually make

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Decor : Discover the decorative mistakes we usually make

Decorative errors

The world of decoration is very varied and it is always said that we can decorate freely, although it is true that there are also common mistakes that we make almost unintentionally. Learning to decorate does not have to do only with trends or with the tastes of each one, since there are some tricks that can help us create unique and special spaces.

Discover some of the most common decorative mistakes we usually make over and over again due to habit. When decorating we have to have an open mind to new ideas and also to learning new ways of decorating. Discover everything you did not know you were doing when decorating.

A bad layout

Decorative errors

One of the first things to look at is the distribution of things within the house. This is one of the most important things, since a good distribution helps the house to be functional since everything stands out perfectly. We must take into account the spaces we have and the furniture with which we want to fill them. A good idea is to make a plan with the different distributions that we want to make and test with them. We can also take pictures and ask our friends to see the feelings they have with the layouts of the house, since they will see things from another perspective. Also get inspired by magazine ideas, because they make beautiful and trendy layouts.

Not knowing how to expand spaces

Expand decorative spaces

The Spaces that are spacious are always more pleasant. One of the main problems of houses over time has been those spaces that were full of things and seemed small. Light colors are a key touch, since they increase spaces, but you should also use mirrors to increase the light. These mirrors next to the windows or in front of them make the light multiply.

All put together

Other error very common is to combine everything in the spaces. Sometimes we think that it is much easier to put everything together, but the truth is that this makes the spaces boring and without personality. It only gives the impression that we do not know how to decorate or have not bothered with it. So it is best to choose three or two shades and stick to them, making only one of them the main one. In addition, right now it is also common to mix patterns.

Stick to one style

Mixed styles in decoration

It is possible to stick to only one style by choosing your keys and adding them all. But it is much better to choose several of them and mix them in a subtle way, even if one of them is the main one. So look for inspiration because many of these styles can be mixed, like vintage and industrial, rustic and modern And so on to infinity.

Stick everything to the wall

It is common for people to put the furniture against the wall to save space, but if the rooms are spacious it may be worth leaving some things separate. A) Yes we will create a much more relaxed atmosphere. We do not have to always have the furniture in the same arrangement, since we can change it to create new spaces from time to time. You have to break the molds to have fun with the decoration.

Lights from above

Lights to decorate

Another mistake that is made is to use the lights only from above. Playing with the lights helps us create warmer spaces and in which some areas and furniture stand out better. Use wall lights with sconces and floor lamps as well.

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