Discover the elegant wrought iron headboards for your bed

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Discover the elegant wrought iron headboards for your bed

Forge headboards

The Headboard is a very important part of the bed, since it usually frames it and gives it a little style and personality. At present it is possible to find headboards of many types, with pieces of wicker, wood or metal, among which we find the headboards of forge. Forging is a way of working with metal that brings us incredible pieces to decorate our bedroom.

We are going to see different types of Forging headboards for the bed. Although we usually think of more traditional headboards, with a vintage style, there are many more models available, original and modern. Many of them will bring a great personality to the simplest beds.

Vintage style headboards

Vintage headboards

The vintage forged headboards They are among the most used and are undoubtedly the most sought after for their beautiful designs. These headboards can be really retro and be part of renovated old beds or they can imitate that old style so beautiful and endearing. These beds with wrought iron headboards have been painted in white, which gives a very modern look to everything. We can peel that paint so that it looks even more vintage.

Original forged headboards

Original heads

The more original forging headboards They are also ideal for bedrooms. In this case they are much more current forging headboards, which are inspired by modern and floral designs. These intricate patterns are very decorative. That's why with a bed of this type we will not need many more designer furniture in the bedroom area, as the headboard will be more than enough to give a touch of elegance to everything.

Colorful headboards

Headboards in vintage style

If you want renew the typical vintage headboards, you can paint them in striking tones. In this case we find some headboards with beautiful colors that give the bedroom a colorful touch. From a turquoise to an intense yellow, these tones are perfect to highlight the bed on the rest of the furniture in the bedroom. A little paint can be the ideal way to give a special and new touch to our furniture. We can achieve an eclectic and colorful style that is ideal for a child or youth room, whether we use colored bedding or white. The effect is undoubtedly modern and very cheerful with a piece of furniture that stands out in style.

Arab style in your bed

Arabic style headboards

The Arabic style is certainly very nice and it has been updated a lot in recent times, so we can find ideas that are innovative. In this case we see some incredible wrought iron headboards with all kinds of shapes that remind us of the arabesques that decorate the Arab spaces and the furniture. They have been created in forging to give them greater durability, although they could also be found in wood. We can see it both in golden and white and silver tones. It is a headboard that will be the protagonist inside the room. This means that the other elements should be somewhat simpler, both other furniture and bedding, which should be in plain colors.

White headboards in classic style

Classic headboards

The Classic style is always present in the home, because it is a type of style that never goes out of style and that adapts to all stays equally. In this case we find some classic bedrooms in which they have added wrought iron headboards with simple shapes that create an elegant and serene atmosphere. This type of beds are perfect for adult bedrooms and are a success because of the ease of combining these simple furniture.

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