Discover the keys to choosing the color of the bedroom

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Decor : Discover the keys to choosing the color of the bedroom

Colorful bedroom

The bedroom color is importantBecause it is a place where we are going to be long enough and where we want to feel comfortable. The bedroom is a place of rest but also of leisure for many, an area that is ours and that becomes one of the most personal spaces in the whole house.

Choose the color of the bedroom it is an important decision. Although it is something that we can change in the walls and textiles, it will always take us some work and therefore we have to think carefully about what the most suitable tone for our room may be.

How to include color

In the bedroom area we have many ways to include color. One of them is focusing on the walls. But if we do not want to have colorful walls and we opt for leaving them in white tones, the colors can go in the furniture or in the textiles. Adding them to textiles makes it easier for us to change the tone, since it is one of the things that can be easily changed in the bedroom.

Neutral and light shades

Neutral bedrooms

If there is a trend that is carried is to choose tones that are neutral and light. The neutral and light colors are ideal for any space for various reasons. They do not go out of style, since they are shades that will always be worn and that also help to combine with everything. If they are light neutral tones, they give us light and serenity in the spaces, something that is essential for a bedroom. If we also choose colors such as beige or raw colors, they will add some warmth. In essence it is a choice that will never fail us. The only disadvantage they can have is that if we like colors we can easily get bored with these neutral tones.

Gray shades

Gray bedrooms

The gray colors can be an excellent choice, because they are sober and elegant. We can always combine them with light tones like white and with others like yellow to give it a little liveliness. But it is true that with the gray colors we are not going to make a mistake. In addition, we can use different shades, from charcoal gray to lighter pearl gray and play with them.

Relaxing Blues

Blue bedrooms

In a bedroom we hope to relax, as it is a place of rest. That is why many people opt for tones that are serene. The blues are colors that relate to relaxation, so we can choose them as protagonists for the bedroom area. They can be mixed with other colors such as gray. It must be said that the blues are within the shades called cold, so they do not provide warmth, but they do provide relaxation.

Warm colors

Warm bedrooms

If what we want is for our bedroom to have an atmosphere of warmth, then we will have to choose warm tones. The colors such as beige, earth tones or yellow They can give that warmth contribution in the bedrooms that make us feel more comfortable in them. Yellows are tones that activate us but their contribution of warmth means that we often choose them for the bedroom area. We can add white on the walls to counteract all those earth tones and mix them with the yellows on the textiles. If the floor is wooden or the furniture has a light wood tone, it also contributes to giving that warmth that we like.

Changes color with the season

Another alternative is that we focus on putting neutral tones on walls and furniture to change textiles with the season. With they would change the tones of each season. During the summer we can add shades such as oranges and yellows and during winter burgundy, browns and greens.

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