Discover the lamps to decorate the living room

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Decor : Discover the lamps to decorate the living room

Living room lamp

The lounge area is a space where we spend a lot of time, so it should be decorated in a way that we like. Lamps are very important in this sense, as they provide light and also offer a very decorative element that frames spaces, so we should choose them well.

There are endless ideas in lamps to decorate the living room. We are going to see inspiration to decide on a style of lamps when decorating this area of ​​our home. It is an important detail in which we must pay attention to choose the best ones.

Industrial spotlight lamps

Metal spotlight

The industrial spotlights are a trend right now that seems to have no end. In stores we find all kinds of ideas in spotlights, from wide black metal spotlights that seem typical of the industry to smaller ones in shades such as white or pastel tones that have a vintage look. In this case we can choose between many types, as they are very popular. Keep in mind that the spotlight does not provide as much light and that this is much more focal than in other lamps, but the decorative effect is very beautiful.

Wicker lamps

Wicker lamp

He wicker is another trend that we see more and more, although it is not as common as spotlights. Contrary to the industrial style that works with materials such as metal, if we are looking for wicker lamps we will be working with very natural pieces. This material provides a simple, natural and cozy appearance to any environment, so it is a good choice if we have a Nordic style with plants and light wood, as it will combine very well with everything. In addition, nowadays wicker lamps are created with very modern designs.

Standing lamps

Living room lamp

The floor lamps are a good option if we want to add a little more light to the environments. It is perfect for the sofa area, since this way we will have better lighting to read. They can also be used in a reading corner, to frame that area and have better light at a certain point. There are really decorative floor lamps with very beautiful designs that we can add at home.



The chandeliers are very original pieces that we can add in the most classic salons but also in those that we look for a chic and special touch. These lamps are always hard to clean, but the elegant touch they bring to living rooms is unmatched. However, if we are not willing to spend the work of having them in good condition, it is better to choose another that is more functional.

Modern lamps

Modern lamp

Another option is opt for the most modern lamps, some of which are really original. In this case, we look for very diverse designs, with varied ideas to add to the most modern rooms. In this style we find minimalist ideas, with LED lights and designs that attract attention.

Metal lamps

There is a type of lamps that are widely used today. It’s about the metal lamps with geometric shapes. These lamps give a lot of light and are also ideal for all types of environments, from modern to classic, as they combine well with everything.

Crystal lamps

Crystal lamps

This is another idea that also looks elegant and sophisticated. Lamps that use glass are elegant and also provide much more luminosity than metal spotlights, so they can be an excellent option. In addition, they adapt very well to both modern environments and those of classic style.

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