Discover the rustic chic style for your home

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Decor : Discover the rustic chic style for your home

Rustic chic

The rustic chic style is much appreciated nowadays, it is a great mix of rustic and modern pieces, vintage and current. Contrasts are a great trick to decorate, since this way we do not stick exclusively to a single style and create unique and special things. It is always better to mix styles and get a home with personality than a copy of a certain style that can get tired.

The rustic chic style is a novel style that seeks to give it a much more elegant touch and sophisticated to rustic environments. These types of environments are inspired by country, rustic spaces, where there are rough-looking materials and functional pieces, but the chic touch helps you to modernize and achieve that elegance that is sometimes lacking.

Natural materials

Rustic chic for the home

The natural materials are a fundamental part of the rustic style, so we can’t do without them. The wood in the furniture, the rattan, the wicker baskets and even the stone pieces are perfect to create that rustic atmosphere to which you can later add the chic touch. The rustic must be the protagonist, as it is the basic style. Wooden furniture is usually old or has a rustic, strong look, without too many ornaments. Wooden or stone floors are also often used. On the other hand, in many accessories wicker is used, with baskets or rugs in this beautiful material that is so rustic.

Light and natural shades

Materials in the rustic chic style

In this style, a touch much more modern in rustic environments. The light tones help us to reduce that rustic touch, since the environments of before had a lot of dark wood and strong tones that turned off the rooms. In this case we look for shades such as whites, grays and especially beige that are light, soft and also provide warmth. In this type of environment it does not make much sense to look for pieces of a lot of color, because in the rustic environment there is usually not.

Add flowers and plants

It rustic has a lot to do with the countryside and nature, so some plants cannot be missing in these spaces. Nowadays, plants are widely taken indoors, large and small plants, to create special corners. The idea is to add some freshness and color with the plants. Look for pretty pots in light shades or add wicker pots.

French style furniture

Rustic chic style

Although we have talked about the points that lead us to the rustic style, we must also think about adding the most chic touch. You can for this include some furniture in a french style. This style features furniture that is shaped with many details, sinuous and with carved legs. Adding one or two pieces of furniture of this style is more than enough to create a more chic touch. In addition, the vintage style is part of the French pieces and thus we will be creating a very special atmosphere.

Marble and ceramic

Rustic materials tend to be rough and undecorated. But to create a much more elegant environment we can add other types of materials. The marble is very elegant and that is why it is used in these environments. It can be a piece for the fireplace, a marble countertop or even a touch on top of a piece of furniture. Marble is elegant, especially if we choose colors like gray and white. On the other hand, ceramic also has that elegant touch, so we can include it in small details such as vases or decorative figures. In the small details you can see the sophisticated touch.

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