Diy decor for the walls you can do this fall –

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Diy decor for the walls you can do this fall -

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Today we present some ideas of Diy decor for the walls of the house that you can take advantage of to give it an autumnal air. In many articles we have shown you decorating ideas for the fall and since we are in September. The first idea we show you is a paper chain with which you can decorate your wall. It can be done to decorate a birthday party, baby shower or just for fun. Best of all, it is so easy to make and super original as it attracts attention. In addition you can do it with children.

Diy wall decor in autumn

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Colored paper in orange, light pink, light blue blue, green, dark orange
Paper cutter
Glue gun
Wooden stick
It is better to find paper with the same thickness and weight.

diy decor-walls-garland-colors-ideas

Cut the paper into rectangular pieces.
Fold the first piece of paper and glue the ends in a circle with the glue, do not forget to follow the pattern. Continue overlapping each piece of paper and securing it with glue. Go to the next color and secure it with glue. Continue until you have completed one wreath and the next one begins. Slide the threads on a wooden stick and hang on the wall.

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DIY decor for cardboard walls


Hello autumn! Autumn is about to begin and you can decorate the wall with flowers in typical fall colors, you are so ready for it! This extra large floral art that greets you from the wall is the perfect way to decorate for the season. The key to making this great floral poster is to buy many flowers. Buy more than you think you need because you will probably need them!
For this project you need.

DIY decor for fake flower walls

diy decor-flowers-ideas

Thick cardboard
Pen pencil
Variety of fake flowers
Wire cutters
Glue gun

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<h3 style=DIY decor for the walls

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<p style=Draw your word in italics on the poster board as large as possible (using two pieces if necessary). Don't worry about the lines you can make mistakes! They will be covered. Use scissors or a handmade knife on a safe surface to cut the word. Cut the flowers from the stems with a set of wire cutters.

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<p style=You will need many and a variety of sizes. Heat the glue gun and start sticking the flowers on the cardboard. Spread the largest flowers first and fill with medium and small flowers, alternating colors until they are full. Don't forget to be careful and keep the space between letters so you can still read them.




If you like the boho style here we present a diy decor for the wall a little more boho than you might be used to, but it is still colorful and fun. Definitely very simple to do and even more if you know how to use a glue gun.

Diy decor for boho-style walls


Macrame ornaments and tassel shop. Picture frames Hot glue gun or sticky glue that dries quickly and finally scissors.

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<p style=Start by gluing the cutout around the edge of the frames. For corners, simply fold at an angle, glue down and move to the next side of the frame. Once you have traversed the image frame, cut off the excess clipping and glue the end. For short trimming, simply leave the front of the picture frame decorated with the clipping. For the longer cut, you can leave it as is, or fold the edge around the frame and glue it to the back of the frame to obtain a macramé-covered frame appearance, while letting the tassels hang.

DIY-decor-boho-macrame-wall "width =" 760 "height =" 814 "srcset =" .jpg 760w, 280w "sizes =" (max-width: 760px) 100vw, 760px "/></p>
<p style=These paintings for fall are perfect for decorating the wall. And to make sure the mco stands out, I added simple works of art in a colorful autumn palette.

The natural appearance of the unstained macrame is very attractive, but if you want even more color with its texture, you can use dye fabric to dye before pasting it to get a more autumnal air.

DIY decor for the walls



Fall crafts are not always something very difficult to do. Although it is not his thing to decorate but he is doing everything possible to find some beautiful ideas for autumn this year. We present you with another idea that is done in a few minutes about a large pompom garland. You need some pompoms a shovel of wood and thread and that's it.

DIY decor for pom pom walls


This fall, hang a decoration made with wire and copper pipe

While we have shown you many ideas on how to make an autumnal crown, today we ask you why not try to change it for this sweet and simple decoration? This project is easy to do and a great idea for last minute decoration.

Things you will need
Copper tube, thread in the color and texture of choice, scissors, fake dried flowers and branches, wire cutters, high resistance transparent tape, golden floral wire, hammer. Cut the copper tube to size with a pipe cutter if yours is too large. Keep in mind that the decoration for your wall will have more stability and will remain in place more easily if it is a little smaller.


Cut the thread into individual lengths. Depending on the type of thread you use, you will need between 25 and 35 pieces of cut thread. Connect the pieces of wire to the copper pipe with a standard knot. Make a triple knot with an additional piece of cut wire on each side of the copper pipe you will use it to hang the piece on the wall later. Cut the fake flower buds and dried branches with a pliers.

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<p style=Create an arrangement so that the flowers cover the bare stems as much as possible, and glue them all together with sturdy transparent tape. Wrap the floral wire around the false arrangement leaving a bunch of excess wire hanging. Then, to securely attach the arrangement to the pipe, wrap the excess wire around the copper pipe between the wire knots. Hang your finished design on a wall with a nail or a removable hook. This decoration can be used year after year.

diy-decor-for-walls-dried-flowers "width =" 760 "height =" 506 "srcset =" -flores-secas.jpg 760w, 720w "sizes =" (max-width : 760px) 100vw, 760px "/></p>
<p style=The next project we are going to share this DIY custom monogram crown with you today. It is a very simple craft to make and easily customizable for any season. When welcoming autumn, we invite you to decorate your crown with leaves and some flowers.


2 mm thick wire
Brown thread
Twigs: of course, you can always buy some if you don't want to pick them up on your own
Small pumpkins: you can also use foam flashes like these
Artificial flowers and leaves
Glue gun
Pruning shears


The first thing to do is create your monogram shape with the cable. I wanted the structure to be strong enough to support the weight of the twigs, so I cut 2 pieces of wire of 1 m each and, with pliers, wrap them in themselves. Then I folded the cable to create the shape you want. Do not worry too much if the cable is not perfectly flat or wrapped, because it will be covered with twigs. Cover the cable with twigs. As you probably guessed, some letters are easier to do than others.


If you want to make a rounded letter, try to find more flexible twigs, the ones that were cut recently will work better.
Also try to imagine your monogram shape when choosing your twigs. Place the twigs on the wire and join them with the brown wire. Simply wrap the thread around twigs and wire, and make a double knot to keep everything together. Attach the branches as you go, distributing them evenly to create your monogram. Feel free to add several layers of twigs to stiffen your letter.


Then add autumn decoration to your crown such as mini pumpkins, leaves and flowers. Since the small pumpkins are a bit heavy, tie them to the crown with a thin wire.
I drilled two holes on both sides of the pumpkins and ran the cable through them. Then wrap the ends of the wire around the crown.


Use your glue gun to add lightweight decorative elements, flowers and leaves to your monogram crown. If you work with plastic pumpkins, which are light, you can also paste them directly on the crown.


DIY Sliced ​​Wooden Pumpkin Slate
The wooden decorations add the perfect rustic touch in the house and even more during the fall. See how to give a piece of wood two different looks, including a slate and a pumpkin with just a piece of wood.

A piece of wood with a round shape
Orange paint
Blackboard paint
Medium brush
Fine grain sandpaper
Clean dry cloth
Small stem
Burlap or string tape
Artificial green foliage
Hot glue gun with transparent glue for crafts


Paint an orange part leaving the exposed wooden exterior between the bark and the paint line. Continue from side to side of the wood cut, leaving some sections very lightly painted, or even unpainted, to achieve a really worn rustic look. Let dry completely (at least one hour). Lightly sand the sections of the “pumpkin” part to accentuate the parts you painted.


Flip the wood. Again, paint on the cut wood surface, leaving an exposed edge around. Paint the first layer with vertical strokes and then a second layer with horizontal strokes. Let dry completely.
Glue a piece of curly ribbon on top of the wood slice with the hot glue gun. Glue the stem on the top of the tape. Add several leaves hanging on one side of the sliced ​​wooden pumpkin and then turn around and glue a few to the other side.

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<p><img loading=

With just a few supplies, you can make this mini garland for a fun and playful decoration.
Buy some small bells of the color you like, you can buy orange bells at any craft store. What you need are bells, green thread or thread, green cardboard, hot glue gun, scissors.

mini-garland -ideas

Draw a sheet on cardboard to use as a guide to cut the rest. When all the leaves are cut, it is time to put everything together. Add your pumpkins (bells) to the rope and knot the knots at each end. Use the hot glue gun to start gluing the leaves between the pumpkins. I asked Scout where we should hang this and she wanted it on our "art board" in the kitchen.


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