DIY DIY ideas to decorate your home

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DIY DIY ideas to decorate your home

Decorating a house is not a simple task. There are many things to consider: the color of the walls, the chosen style of furniture, the curtains of the rooms, and thus an endless number of other things. For many people, it can become a headache, especially when you do not find what you have in mind. Due to this reason, more and more are being passed to the world of DIY to carry out DIY ideas with which to decorate their homes. The good thing about this movement, is that it is very easy to find ideas on the net that can be carried out in a relatively simple way. Because of this, today we want to show you some ideas that you can take into account to decorate your homes. Things done with your own hands and effort that will give them much more value.

Coffee table with a tire

What to do with the tires that we change to our car? The most advisable thing is to recycle them to take care of the environment, but within the world of DIY, they usually give a lot of play. You can do many things with them, and very easily. An example is to create a coffee table. To do this, the first thing would be clean it well and give it a coat of paint the color that we like the most. Then place a glass on the tire and we will have our table ready to be used. Easy, right?

Vertical planter

There are times when the lack of space prevents us from having more plants than we wanted. To solve this problem, we can choose build our own vertical planter using wooden pallets. All we have to do is create the compartments, on the pallet, where we will plant our plants. These compartments will be lined with special cloth to prevent the earth from escaping through the cracks that remain in the wood. Fill them with dirt and plant flowers, aromatic herbs or anything else you want.

Glass jars for storing things

Today, there are many products that we buy in supermarkets and that come in glass jars. What to do with all those jars? These are perfect to improve the organization in our home. Decorating them is very easy using paper, thread or adhesives, materials that will help us give it a personal touch. Once decorated, these jars can be used as slide holders, kitchen specs or even as a pot to plant in them aromatic plants that we usually use in our recipes.

Table with recycled door

If you plan to change the doors of your house, do not throw them because it can give you a lot of play. With them you can do many things, although One of the easiest is to create a table where you can celebrate mass meals. In this case, it is only necessary to place a few easels underneath. If you are going to use it as a table in your garden, it is advisable to treat it with materials that protect it from the weather. In the event that the table is not smooth, it will be necessary to place a glass on top so that the objects that are placed on it seat properly.

Stairs to organize the home

The old stairs are another of the elements widely used to decorate homes. When they are very old, they can be reused to improve home organization. With a ladder we can make a bookcase, a closet or even a towel rack for the bathroom. All we have to do is sand it, paint it and varnish it to achieve the desired look.

What other ideas go through your head and are perfect for decorating homes? Encourage and share with us all your comments. We are waiting for you!

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