Do you know all the curtains for doors?

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Decor : Do you know all the curtains for doors?

If you are looking for a good door curtain to validate your good taste as a decorator, you will probably want to look for them in large stores.

But you should know that in you have much more to find and we have a lot to tell you about it.


What do you think if when buying your curtains for exterior doors you save twice the time and money than in these big brands?


But the first thing is the information you have about them. It is important that you know well how the product you want to buy should be.

We are going to talk to you making it very easy for you about the different models that exist, their materials, functions and also, of course, how they are measured and installed.

Read on to have all this valuable information quickly and easily:

Curtains for exterior doors

The curtains for exterior doors have evolved a lot in favor of the user’s quality of life. Far are those that we have always seen of strips with plastic canutillos in two plain and marbled colors.

But that the latter are already installed in our memories does not mean that they are discontinued or in disuse. Quite the opposite

Technology has endowed them with a series of functional and decorative advantages for you, that you need to buy them as or standardized, this means that they are beginning to be appreciated more and more.

And it is that the curtain for doors has also taken important steps with industrial progress. Now its decorative functions are multiplied until they are transformed into home accessories that can be fully integrated into the interior furniture of the houses, whatever their predominant style.

How to measure and install door curtains

Measuring curtains for exterior doors is very easy. You just have to know the two placement possibilities that you can usually find, which are the measurement to install your curtains for fly-resistant doors inside the opening or measurement to install it outside of it:

Let’s see both:

– Measurement to install it inside the hole:

Measure the total width of the hole and subtract one centimeter. Then measure the height of said hole and subtract another centimeter from it.

– Measurement for doors that go outside the opening:

Measure the total width of the hole and add 3 or 4 cm. Then measure their total height and subtract 1 cm. Easy right?

It is not difficult to install them either. Pay attention:

If your curtains for exterior doors go to the wall, you will have to use spikes. You just have to present them as if they were already in the location you have destined for them

Help yourself with a level and mark the two points where the spikes will go. Drill, put the respective plugs and insert the spikes in them.

Then, you just have to hang your door curtain using the gutter on its upright.

Drill two side holes in the same stud that the spikes go through if you need a bigger frame adjustment. It is an ideal resource when you are faced with a door curtain that has to withstand a lot of personnel passage

If you must do the installation on the ceiling, mark the points on the ceiling again presenting it and drill. The open eyebolts will now be the ones that you will have to screw into the studs and these will receive the upright’s hook channel

Types of door curtains

Door curtains are classified into different types according to their fabrics:

  1. Polyester door curtains

Polyester is an artificial fiber, but it is possibly one of the most used in the textile sector, especially for curtains and also for making blinds.

  1. Cotton door curtains

They are par excellence the type of natural fiber door curtains. They do not contain chemistry in their material. They are, therefore, very breathable and for that reason they allow air circulation avoiding the formation of fungi.

  1. Polyester and cotton door curtains

One of the best combinations between natural and artificial fabrics is, without a doubt, the polyester / cotton mixed fabric door curtain, since you benefit from the best characteristics of both: the resistance of polyester and the softness and breathability of cotton.

It is a fabric that excellently assimilates the different color tints.

  1. Linen door curtains

Linen is among the most chosen fabrics for curtains for exterior doors because of its attractiveness, because of the aesthetic presence it offers when it is a fabric that is part of a complement for windows.

It is very soft to the touch and at a high price when the fabric is all fiber or 100% natural and is extracted from a plant with the same name.

Following the washing instructions recommended by the manufacturer, you can also wash your linen door curtains without problems.

  1. Polyester, cotton and linen door curtains

In this three-component mixed fabric, it is normally linen that has the lowest percentage of presence as it is the most expensive natural fiber. It gives the mixture a better drape of the door curtain fabric and a greater softness to the touch.

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