Dream About: 31 Small Garden Decoration Ideas

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The small gardens in a house are the last refuge, the place to relax after a difficult day or the corner to recharge before starting work. It is much more than a playground for children and for nothing in the world should it be the hiding place for old and disused dishes.

There are many ways to make our garden a harmonious and beautiful space, even if it is not large. In fact, the growth of large cities and the high cost of the square meter in the real estate world has increasingly reduced this place, to prioritize other social environments of the houses.

That’s why I want to show you many small garden decorating ideas so that yours is not only beautiful, but also practical and functional. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the garden is not limited to the area of ​​square meters that you have on the ground. You also have to consider the walls, the walls, take advantage of the height. This will allow you to place more plants or objects without them looking crowded.

Tall plants and vines

At the edges of your garden, plant trees that grow taller than they grow in diameter; In the long run they will shade without taking up much space.

02 tall plants on borders

Tall plants will always make your garden look bigger than it is.

03 tall trees

The walls are beautifully dressed in green with vines, especially evergreen ones and those that bloom in vibrant colors like bougainvillea.

04 creepers

Have you ever heard of bougainvillea? One of the beautiful flowers that you can see in maritime areas (also in some of the interior) such as Santorini, where you can find plants at tree height, with pink flowers of great intensity that are very showy.

05 creepers

Vertical gardens

The design of vertical gardens It has become very fashionable in recent years and, well maintained, they are a great idea to fill your garden with green without taking up any useful space for other activities. But as I always say, if you are not a plant lover, the vertical garden can work against you, since to make it look nice, it must be well maintained. Watering and pruning it is essential.

06 vertical gardens meshes

You should also take into account the humidity that they will generate on the wall on which it rests. Vertical gardens can be done on a metal mesh placed on the wall.

07 vertical gardens meshes

The plants that you can include in a vertical garden are of many types, because you can find vertical gardens made with aromatic plants, succulents or other types of plants such as fern.08 vertical gardens meshes

For those who have little space or little budget, you can create your vertical gardens on recycled pallets. You can see more ideas by clicking here Recycled pallets.

09 vertical gardens pallets

When we talk about a vertical garden it does not have to be placed outside the house, look at this vertical garden created in pallet and how you can place it inside the house. You will have to choose plants that do not require a lot of lighting or a lot of soil, as well as looking for a good space for them.

10 vertical pallet gardens

Another version of vertical gardens on pallets is to place the pots hooked to the pallet, getting much more out of it.

11 vertical gardens pallets

Another way to decorate your vertical garden is to get much more out of your pallets by placing them in different directions so that the wood is also an extra decorative space.

12 vertical pallet gardens

You can also directly place pots …

13 vertical gardens pots

What do you think of a vertical garden made up of ferns? notice that it looks like a tropical space, a dream place that makes one disconnect and look great.

14 vertical gardens pots15 vertical gardens pots

There are special planters for vertical gardens, made with recycled PET plastic, which look like cloth but are very resistant to the sun and water; they are lightweight and allow the plant to breathe and the roots to grow comfortably.

16 vertical fabric gardens

If you don’t have access to these materials, you can also make your vertical garden with these vertical fabric shoe organizers. What difference does it make to put shoes or plants on it? Ha!

And what do you think of this pyramid to be able to plant your favorite species on the four sides of this vertical little garden standing up?

17 vertical pyramid garden

And if you have a hard time deciding which may be the best option for your garden, then combine several of them.

17-1 combined vertical gardens

A Potted Tree

This garden decoration idea is tremendous. Who said pots have to be placed in perfect rows? Who said that it is not possible to have a large tree leaning against the wall?

16 potted tree

Wooden drawers

The wooden drawers are also a beautiful and very decorative option to place plants and flowers in the garden. You can use from crates of worked, painted or varnished wood, to the crates of fruits and vegetables that you can recover from the local market.

18 wooden drawers

You can create a drawer shelf to create a vertical garden at different levels. At the same time, if you place each shelf at different heights, you can create a kind of flower staircase or keep a drawing with free spaces.

19 wooden drawers

Recycling Furniture

Did you do a recent home remodel and have some disused furniture? Is it difficult for you to get rid of some objects that you love but that no longer have a place in your home? Well, start your imagination rolling and give them a new role in the garden.

20 movable flowerpot20-1 chair pot

Recycled furniture is a great option to create a garden, since it is a double decoration, on the one hand you can get a vintage touch full of life and include it in any space of the house or garden.

21 flowerpot table

Utensils and Tools in the Garden

Yes, you can also use strainers, pots, ladders, spoons … everything can have a decorative and original use in these small gardens.

24 strainer pots22 ladder23 ladder pots25 window pots

And not to mention everything that you simply have to dispose of, such as old tires, cans or plastic soda bottles. See what beautiful things you can do for your little garden with very little money.

26 recycled tires27 recycled tires28 recycled tires29 recycled bottles30 recycled bottles31 recycled cans

Designing the Garden

I already gave you many ideas to place the plants in your garden and make the most of the space.

32 zen

But it is also time that I gave you some options so that your trees and shrubs planted in the ground look beautiful and harmonize with the rest of the space.

32 zen34 zen

One option that I love is to make small zen-like gardens, combining plants of different colors with stones and making some drawing or planning at the time of planting them.

35 zen

Internal Gardens

It is a fantastic option for small spaces outside. As long as you have an entrance of light, either from the roof or from a window, you can make a garden even if it is partially inside your house. And if the entry of light is low, look for plants that do well in shade.

36 internal gardens37 internal gardens38 internal gardens

Gardens To Be

At the beginning of this note I said that the garden is the place to relax, relax and share.

And those things must be very present when it comes to designing small gardens. Plan where you will locate chairs, armchairs, cushions, hammocks or whatever you decide to place in your space.

40 gardens to be41 gardens to be in42 gardens to be

Living with Nature

If you are one of those who love plants, flowers and trees, but also prioritize the garden area as a place to share with your family and friends, and you think that these two things do not fit in small gardens, learn to integrate them from so that your social gatherings take place literally in the middle of nature. You will achieve very cozy and fresh environments.

43 living with nature44 living with nature45 living with nature

The Importance of Good Lighting

Nothing is more important to create the desired atmosphere, than the good choice and use of lighting.

This is a principle applicable to any area of ​​the house, but it should be taken into account more in the exterior spaces, either to plan the electrical installations if you are designing the garden for the first time, or to consider the spaces where you will place indirect light, whether electric or not.

46 led lighting

The good news is that there are now tons of weather resistant lamps, so you can choose from multiple options.

47 lighting pots

Lanterns and lanterns are also beautiful, especially for rustic or oriental decorations.

48 lantern lighting

I particularly love the warmth that indirect light gives the garden, either with LED lights, which can be illuminating steps or paths, or directly illuminating translucent pots.49 oriental lantern lighting50 lighting lanterns

You can also make your own homemade lanterns out of bottles or jars. Beautiful!

51 DIY lanterns52 rustic lighting53 rustic lighting

Another very nice way to illuminate the garden is by hiding the lights inside the trees.

54 plant lighting

And the classic of lighting: lamps hanging between trees, walls and corners. Cheerful and functional.

55 light bulbs56 lighting lamps 2

For the most ecological, or in those places where it is impossible to have an electrical connection, the solution is to place lanterns powered by sunlight.

57 solar lighting

The Sun Matters Too

Gardens are not only used and enjoyed at night, so it is also necessary to consider the incidence of the sun during the day. If space is limited, you may not want to close with roofs, large awnings or pergolas that block the sun. That is why I propose these options that allow the passage of light but at the same time filter it, so that you can enjoy your garden at any time of the day.

58 awning sail

You can find pergolas and awnings of so many different types, made with resistant materials and of different qualities, that you can find all kinds of articles to protect you from the sun and that are equally decorative for your garden.

59 sail awning

With this photograph you can see how you can achieve different types of styles in your garden taking care of the pergolas and awnings, being able to create unique and personalized spaces.

60 pergolas

For the little ones

Locate a space so that the children of the house can also enjoy the garden throughout the year. Here I give you inexpensive and very creative ideas.

61 for the boys

Open spaces are always a wonderful option for children, …

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