Dressing tables to give your home a flirtatious touch

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Dressing tables to give your home a flirtatious touch

Dressing table

Mobel dressing table

"one. m. Furniture, usually in the form of a table, with a mirror and other utensils, for a person's hair and grooming. ”
"2. m. Room intended for grooming and combing a person. ”

The dressers were a regular piece in the bedrooms formerly. A few decades ago, however, probably due to the lack of space in the new homes, were banished and replaced by furniture that provided more storage space.

Today the toilets again find a place in our homes. We cannot say that they have regained the prominence they had then, but they are present again. And we love this change because for such a piece of furniture flirty and practical Like this, we should always find space.

The dressers have a very elegant design that we can use to print a feminine and flirtatious touch to the bedroom or bathroom. They are also practical furniture; They have a comfortable surface that serves both to give us one last touch and to write some notes, a mirror and different storage solutions to store your makeup products, jewelry, accessories or perfumes.

Clairoy dressing table

Clairoy La Redoute dressing table

Icorporate one to your bedroom or bathroom should not involve any difficulty. There are dressers with very different sizes, capable of adapting to small spaces. And dressers of very different styles, as we check below:

Contemporary wooden dressers

Wooden dressers are always a great choice because of the warmth they give to the spaces. Dressers like these with a contemporary design, also adapt to rooms with very different styles and rarely go out of style. If you also have drawers and / or special storage solutions like these from El Corte Ingles and Maisons du Monde, it will be difficult for you to regret your purchase.

Wooden dressers

With glamor and a touch of shine

Glam-style dressers have been refined to become sophisticated dressers. With contemporary lines and bright details the dressers of Maisons du Monde and My Furniture are a great example of this type of dressers that decorate both classic and modern spaces. Search the combinations black / gold or white / copper If you want a trend piece.

Dressing tables with shine

Compact toilets

You don't have much space? Quiet there are also solutions for you. The toilets Brimnes de Ikea and Jimi de La Redoute have a width of 60-70cm and a depth of 40 cm. You will not find it difficult to fit them in the bedroom or in the bathroom both for their size and for their design Clean in white.

Compact toilets

Classic dressers

If you want to remember the dressers of yesteryear, bet on more voluminous models such as My Furniture, Maisons du Monde or Liberty. To be more bulky They usually integrate a larger number of drawers and / or compartments to store your accessories and a generous integrated mirror with several faces. And they do not have to be more expensive than the previous ones, everything will depend on the quality and the manufacturer.

Classic dressers

With the return of the toilets to our homes, Your offer has diversified. In addition to the dressers that we have shown you, you will find many others in the catalogs of furniture companies. From perfect vintage proposals to give a romantic touch to your bedroom, to modern versions that integrate numerous functionalities.

From € 99 you can buy a dressing table to decorate the bedroom or bathroom. Place where you place it will provide you with a place to comb or make up, leaving the mirror of the sink so free for a second person. And it will not be the only advantage this furniture will provide you; also you It will serve as a desk.

Reflect on whether or not you are going to use it. Although it is possible to find relatively inexpensive dressers, from € 99, They represent an important investment. Once decided, measure well the hole in which you want to put it before buying one. Make sure you buy the right one, the one that fits the available space, your storage needs and your budget, of course!

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