Eames chairs, a classic to decorate our homes

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Eames chairs, a classic to decorate our homes

Chairs eames

The designs of Charles and Ray Eames they became an icon of the 50s America. In 1946 they began to create pieces together and in the 50s they produced chairs for Vitra that today we can find both in coffee shops and office spaces as in the dining rooms and living rooms of our homes.

Under the motto "design for all", they democratized the world of design and achieved great commercial successes. The plastic chairs Eames Armchair in its multiple versions are a clear example of this, but no less popular are the Wire or LWC chairs. Are you thinking of replacing the chairs in your home? Discover Eames designs with us!

DCW chair

LWC was created by Charles and Ray's motivation to create a piece of counter-veneered wood molded with complex curves. The chair was presented at an event that took place in December 1945 at the Hotel Barclay and soon became an icon of American design.

Eames LWC

This chair that Time magazine named "the chair of the century", is still available today in the Vitra catalog in different finishes and colors with or without upholstery, as we have reflected in the images. Natural wood is common in living rooms, reading corners and bedrooms because of the warmth it brings to these spaces. It is increasingly common, however, to bet on these same spaces for models in bright colors in order to incorporate a modern and colored note to them.

Chairs Eames Armchair and Side Chair

Eames Plastic Armchair It was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1950 for the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It was the first chair of industrial manufacture in plastic and pioneer of a new type of furniture that would be generalized later: the multifunctional chair whose housing could be combined with different bases.

Eames Plastic chair

The models characterized by an intricate and elegant base made of steel wire inspired by the Eiffel Tower, They are still one of the most popular among Armchair and Side Chair, their namesake without arms. They compete with those with wooden legs that respond to the current Nordic trend.

They remain a commercial success since they can be used in numerous spaces. They are a great choice to decorate the dining room, living rooms, bedroom or work spaces. And they are also suitable for decorating outdoor spaces: gardens and terraces, as you can see in the following image.

Plastic Eames Chair

Eames Wire chairs

In the 1950s, Charles and Ray began experimenting with bent and welded wire and developed among other pieces the wire version of the classic Eames chair. It is available without upholstery, with a seat cushion or with seat and back cushions known as "bikini" for its shape.

Eames wire

The chairs in bent wire black and white They are the most popular in this model and those we usually find in homes. They can be combined with tone cushions, thus achieving a sober and formal result. Although if what is desired is a striking and casual result, the best option is undoubtedly to bet on the contrast.

Other materials

Vitra and Herman Miller continue to manufacture these chairs in polypropylene and glass wire today and offer a multitude of bases, colors and upholstery options with which to customize Eames products. But it is also possible to find them manufactured in other materials.

Eames chairs in wood and fiberglass

Armchair and Side Chair chairs are also produced in wood and fiberglass. The former provide greater warmth to the spaces, while the latter give the same personality and modernity. The latter are also available in a wide variety of colors.

The popularity of Eames chairs makes it easy to find others inspired by their designs with lower prices. They are not equal but can help them achieve the same effect by investing less. Do you like them?

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