Eclectic decoration – How to create this original style in your home

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Decor : Eclectic decoration – How to create this original style in your home

eclectic home decor

Eclectic decor is sometimes a little difficult to handle. This decoration is created by mixing and matching different styles where your imagination has no limits. Here you can mix styles, colors, textures, times. It is as if you had no limits when decorating your home with the eclectic style.

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But although you can have the freedom to combine different styles as you want it does not mean that there are no certain rules or guidelines for your decoration to look harmonious. There really is a very fine line between a beautiful eclectic room and a casual, unifying room.

eclectic decoration combination

Eclectic decoration is a rich style where you can highlight different times. So if you are one of the people who is not defined by a single style in particular and is struck by several, eclectic decoration may be the option you need.

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Eclectic decor

Eclectic decor has a lot to do with harmony and the union of totally different styles. Different textures and colors mixed to create a beautiful and harmonious space. So if this is your style of decoration then take advantage of the freedom it gives to experiment and create something different. But if you still don’t know how to start creating your eclectic decor, don’t worry. Here we will show you beautiful ideas and we will also give you some tips so you know where to start.

contemporary eclectic decor

Select a main palette

A good starting point may be to choose a series of central colors to complement your eclectic decor. This will also help create a harmonious appearance in the room. It will also be a great support to combine the elements you want in your eclectic decoration so that the balance is present from the beginning. It is recommended that you choose a neutral tone and an accent color to start.

eclectic kitchen decor

Using a calming neutral shade will allow a smart color base to overlap and prevent the room from feeling overly dominant. Undoubtedly, that neutral shade will work wonders in combination with the accent color you choose, especially when you apply it to different aspects in a room to create a harmonious space. As you go you can add and expand your eclectic style palette, starting with two classic shades for a thoughtful and nuanced version of eclectic decor.

eclectic decor balance

Single wall coverings

As you try to create your eclectic decor and refine all the elements, it’s best to keep the walls simple. Sometimes elaborate wallpapers can make it difficult to add other patterned elements. Simple painted walls will undoubtedly create a solid foundation for creating eclectic decor and adding interest elsewhere.

eclectic bathroom decor

Adding vibrant and eye-catching elements to a flat background is much easier than adding simple elements to a busy background. So, with a simple background you will have many more options to work with. It is worth noting that painted walls require less work and maintenance than when striking wallcovering is applied.

eclectic decor in kitchen

Of course, this does not mean that you only have one option with only your white walls. Dark and light colors work just as well. Keep in mind that darker colors add warmth as well as depth. While light colors are great for making any space look bigger and brighter, which can better highlight eclectic decor.

eclectic decor large space

Have fun with pattern combinations

At this point is where your personality begins to appear. It is the part where the decoration begins to look attractive creating your eclectic atmosphere. Here since you can play with expressive patterns, mix and match styles to see what fits and what doesn’t in your decoration.

eclectic decor great kitchen

You should continue to use similar shades and colors throughout your eclectic decorating scheme, keeping in mind your two main shades you’ve previously chosen, but you can interrupt the space with unexpected combinations of patterns that may not go together.

eclectic decor room

You can combine elements that generally oppose each other, being a bit bold. Try not to avoid patterns and colors colliding, as this will help you create a unique feeling in the eclectic decor of your room.

eclectic decor ideas

Play with the textures

As with patterns, it happens with textures. Have fun with the different textures and adding different textures so that the eclectic decoration of your home stands out. You’ll need to make sure there’s enough visual activity in your room to keep it interesting.

eclectic decor mixes styles

An ideal way to achieve this is to introduce different textures throughout the room but in small doses. Place soft textures next to rough and gnarled or soft textures along with hard ones. For example, you could imagine a marble surface against wood grains or a luxurious sofa and cushions next to an industrial coffee table.

eclectic interior decoration

Keep in mind a gallery wall

The eclectic decoration is perfect to take advantage of including a gallery wall in your living room, for example. The combination of various styles and sizes of paintings perfectly fits the concept of this style of interior decoration. By creating a wall or gallery wall you will have a lot of fun combining colors and dimensions.

eclectic wall decor

It could also be a focal point in your room. A gallery wall just looks great on a simple wall. Since you can present various points of interest. Remember that a focal point is important in any interior decoration.

eclectic minimalist decor

Having an area where you can focus and anchor the view in a room with a unique combination, allows the view to move and detail. In addition, it is something very important for the feeling of heaviness that can sometimes provoke a room with an eclectic decoration.

modern eclectic decor

Choose different frame styles to complement the pieces of art you want to put on your wall. Don’t worry about the budget. Remember that it is not necessary that all the elements that you place in your decoration must be new. You can always buy items and accessories in second hand stores. You could even customize them by changing the color and more.

eclectic decor furniture

Different furniture styles

Remember that eclectic decoration is about combining and mixing different styles. So the furniture is also included. Mixing and matching different furniture design styles is another nice way to master the eclectic decor of any room in your home in general.

orange eclectic decor

Basically, eclectic decor is all about mixing the old, the new, the modern, and the classic. Of course not with that accuracy. Maybe you like much more the old and the modern style and that is what you want to reflect in your decoration. Or if you like all the styles but do not decide on one, then you add the styles of your preference.

original eclectic decor

You could perfectly combine side seats next to an ultramodern coffee table. Or an Art-Deco mirror on a Victorian mantelpiece, for example. In the same way you can take advantage of what you already have in your home and combine them with some newer pieces or elements. In this way you will make the most of what you already have without having to get rid of everything.

eclectic decoration wallpaper

Be aware of declaration objects

Whatever the object or element of your statement, you should not exaggerate with too many statements in the same room. A statement piece or maybe two for a slightly larger room. Depending on the size of the room, they will be more than enough for people to notice.

eclectic accent wall decor

Keep the eclectic decoration visually clean

It can be very easy to let eclectic decor unfold in a cluttered or cluttered room. So you have to be very careful with that. All elements, accessories or pieces must have a place in the room and a function.

eclectic decoration plants

By placing each item properly, you will allow each one to express itself without causing an overload in the space. Make sure that the important elements are not lost in your decoration in general. If you happen to be unsure if there are too many things in your room, take a step back and look at it from a different perspective. Or you can also ask an expert for help and advice.

eclectic room decor

Maintain balance and symmetry.

It does not matter what style of decoration you want in your home. Balance and symmetry are basic principles in interior design and decoration. Balance and symmetry help our brains simplify decoration. According to Gestalt psychology, which is a current of modern psychology, a school of thought that focuses on studying our perceptions as our brains process information.

eclectic decor living room

It says that our brains instinctively reduce design to its simplest form. When we identify repeating patterns, it allows us to process visual information in the room a little faster. This results in that we can find aesthetically pleasing balanced spaces.

eclectic decor modern room

Be aware of negative spaces

When it comes to an eclectic decorating style, you should know that your view needs a place to rest. It is good that you keep some empty spaces on the shelves or tables. If you have considered making a gallery wall, then in the nearby areas you can have your negative spaces. You also don’t need to have a whole room crammed with items and accessories. So play around with the empty spaces a bit.

eclectic decor in small room

Consider the utility of the room

You should always have the utility of the room you are going to decorate, that is, what the room is intended for. Often times when we start planning a decoration in an empty room, it’s kind of daunting. Having to choose colors, patterns or fabrics without knowing what we will use that space for is much more difficult.

simple eclectic decor

Unlike when we already know how useful our space will be. So be very clear what that area will be used for and that will help you a lot with the decoration. The utility of a room will automatically give you what you will need for its design. You’ll be able to consider whether you’ll need baskets, shelving, beverage trays, gaming tables, and more.

eclectic decor texture

Give your new style a chance

We are clear that if you are one of the people who are struck by many styles at the same time and you do not want to decide on one in particular, eclectic decoration is perfect for you. But most of the time we are not prepared to assume this style. A lot of times we are very refused to go out and think outside the box.

eclectic decoration dark tones

We recommend that, once you have decided to experiment with this style, and when you have already created it in your room and you do not like the result, wait a while. Don’t try to change everything again, spend some time with her. Once you appreciate your room, you will surely see it different and even cozy.

green eclectic decor

Remember not so strict rules

Eclectic decor is all about presenting and highlighting your personality in a room or throughout your home. This style is much more about, thinking outside the box, combining different times and styles. Don’t limit yourself by thinking that you can’t combine different times.

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Just be sure to take into account the small and easy tips we’ve given you. Let your imagination run wild and dare to experiment with the eclectic style if you are one of those who likes more than one style. It is true that for some people, eclectic decoration can be somewhat complicated.

eclectic bathroom decor

But it is more than everything for not being able to separate what to do and what not in a traditional interior decoration. That is what really complicates it. Open your mind and let your imagination run wild. Remember that interior design and decoration do not have such strict rules. Of course, there are recommendations to carry out different styles, but in the end, the decision is yours alone.

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