Egg Chair: 6 reasons that confirm its versatility

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Egg Chair: 6 reasons that confirm its versatility

Conceived in 1958 by the Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen, the Egg Chair It was the result of an order made by the Scandinavian airline SAS to take full care of the design and construction of the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel from Copenhagen, Denmark. Such was the involvement of Jacobsen in the project, which not only designed and carefully cared for the architectural elements of the new building, but had the opportunity to put into practice his theories on the integration of interior design in architecture, designing everything the furniture.

In this way he created the recognized and original Egg Chair that to this day is one of the great icons of modern design and that we so repeatedly see reproduced in magazines and manuals of interior design and decoration.


Made in a single piece that solves masterly seat, backrest and armrests, Jacobsen struggled to find the perfect shape of the frame by testing with clay in his own home to find the ideal shape for a chair that was comfortable and allowed a bit of privacy in public places.

Currently the company that makes it is Republic of Fritz Hansen and its wide versatility and ability to adapt to any space is demonstrated, we tell you why:

one. Because it exists in a multitude of colors Y tissues so that it adapts perfectly to the decoration of your space:



two. Because it looks good in decorations of all styles, from the most classic

Andrew Flesher

going through environments eclectic

Sarah Phipps

until the most modern

Ever Motion

3. Because one Egg Chair in leather is ideal for setting a masculine style space

Studio Hus

but if you use it in vibrant colors you can recreate a more character space female.


Four. Because it is not out of place if you use it in exterior

Meredith Baer

and of course in interiors

Katherin Newman

5. Because it serves as a counterpoint to the most neutral and anodyne room

Stylizimo Blog

or soften a very ornate room

47 ParkAvenue

6 Because the Egg Chair It serves for the relaxation of adults

DailyDream Decor

but it can also be used in the room of the most little ones


For all these reasons we love the Egg Chair! To find more spaces set with this iconic armchair you can visit a selection on our Pinterest board. Surely you find the inspiration you need!

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