Elegant Classic Style Bathroom Designs

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Classic Style Bathroom Designs. A classic bathroom is synonymous with elegance and exquisite taste for evoking ancient times, perhaps our great-grandparents or a little higher up our family tree. A classic decoration spans several eras and is subdivided into various decorative styles, but generally they involve marked common characteristics that distinguish them and make them true pieces of art worthy of admiration.


In these modern times, classic bathroom pieces are becoming more accessible through different alternatives or much cheaper replicas and also with the same functionality and technology applied in any modern day bathroom. We can find ceramic floors that replace marble for the floor and walls.

Design by: Savio Firmino

A classic bathroom will have a great focal point, generally it is the bathtub, which is distinguished from the others by bringing curved details and the legs, some of them carved, a very romantic style, some designs include beautiful curtains.


A classic bathroom is tidy and formal, everything is in its place located in a coherent way, they use shades of yellow, blue, brown, green, terracotta, gray or pink.


The window area goes hand in hand with an elegant fabric pleated curtain that includes fringed or tasseled braces.


Crown-style wall moldings and ceilings are very common in a classic-style bathroom.

Design by: Lineatre

A classic bathroom is predictable, the sink area is another alternative to create a focal point, we see a large mirror above it and to the sides two beautiful vintage wall lamps, a large ceiling chandelier, furniture usually made of natural or painted wood. with glossy finish and gold or silver metallic details on handles or embedded in the same design of the furniture.


As decorative elements the flowers, pictures on the walls with beautiful landscapes that evoke the countryside, old photographs of metallic materials that help to achieve harmony and total integration of the decoration.

Design by: Axor Design

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