Enjoy relaxing moments in a hanging hammock

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Decor : Enjoy relaxing moments in a hanging hammock

Hanging hammocks

Hanging hammocks They usually decorate terraces, gardens and porches during the summer. However, it is not essential to have an outdoor space to enjoy them. It is more and more frequent to find this accessory decorating the interior of our homes.

Wherever we place a hanging hammock it will help us create a relaxed atmosphere. They are ideal for creating a small corner in which to relax and forget for a moment what we are dealing with. Perfect both to complete a chill out area on the terrace and to create a reading space in the room.

What is a hammock?

Probably many of you subtract yourself imagining a network in a dreamy landscape whose ends hang from the branches of the trees to provide you with a resting space. Are we wrong? And if that is essentially a hammock, although we have resorted to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy of Language) to offer you a better definition. Or rather, definitions:

Hanging hammock

1. f. »Elongated net, thick and lightly bushy, usually made of pita, canvas or other resistant fabric, which, secured by the extremities on two trees or other supports, remains hanging in the air and serves as a bed and swing, or is used as a means of transport conducted by two people. “
2.f. Seat Consisting of adjustable armor, generally scissor, in which a fabric that forms the seat and back is attached.

The vast majority are made with strong ropes and fabrics, to support a person’s weight. Of course, when hanging them we must think very carefully about where we do it, since the supports must also resist our weight.

Hammock stands

Hammocks are designed to support the weight of one or two people, but so must their supports. Before hanging a hammock we must think carefully about where we will do it. It doesn’t have to always be between two trees; we can also take advantage architectural elements of our home as columns, walls or beams to hang the hammock if these are in the desired place.

Hanging hammocks

The usual thing, however, is that this is not the case and that we have to resort to a hammock stand. These usually have a metal or wooden frame and you will have to make sure that they are properly treated if you are going to place them outdoors, especially if they are going to be exposed to the sun, rain or cold.

How to create a relaxing space with a hanging hammock

A hanging hammock allows us to create a space in which to relax easily and inexpensively. Both in the garden and on the terrace the idea is place it in the shade, on the porch or under the shade of a tree. Inside our home, the idea would be to do it next to a window through which we enter the sun filtered through the curtain or the cool wind.

Place next to the hanging hammock a stool or side table it is always a great choice. So you can have your last reading at hand, your mobile, a bottle of water or a glass of wine. Prepare everything before lying in the hammock so that the time you spend resting is more pleasant.

Another good idea is to add to the hammock some cushions to make it much more comfortable. If you are going to take a nap they will probably be unnecessary, but if you are going to read, a head cushion will be essential. A blanket can also be useful in winter. If you are one of those who always grabs the blanket on the sofa, you will also want to have one in your hanging hammock, believe it!

Don’t you feel like relaxing in a hanging hammock like the ones in the pictures? These are relatively inexpensive so if you have an ideal space for it, don’t think about it! Many of us thought that we would not use it much and we have fallen in love with them.

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