Essential to create a laundry room at home

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Decor : Essential to create a laundry room at home

Laundry room

To all we would love to have a laundry room where we could wash clothes, dry them and even iron them, but few of us have a space for it. Most of us carry out each of these activities in different places in the house, in the one where it is provided.

Are you lucky enough to have an appropriate space for it? Do you dream of having it one day? If so, write down the keys that we share with you today so that this is practical. Because there are certain essential to create a laundry in the house of which you should never forget.

We at Bezzia have many ideas for you to create your laundry space, even in the smallest spaces, which we promise to gather and share with you in a couple of weeks. But first it is necessary to focus on those elements that are really important. We’ll take care of making them pretty later, right?

You can place your washer and dryer in a column or in parallel

Washer and dryer

A laundry is by definition a space for washing clothes. As, luckily, we currently wash it in the washing machine, this appliance cannot be absent. It would not make sense to have a laundry without a washing machine and without a dryer? The dryer is an appliance that you don’t know how much you need until you give it a try. It is especially practical in places with cold and humid climates, where in winter it can be very heavy to dry clothes even indoors.

Having enough space in the laundry room the usual is place these appliances in parallel. However, given the lack of space, a great alternative is to place them in a column or, to bet on a washer dryer, a double function appliance.

Clothes line

Having a dryer doesn’t mean you have to use it for everything. If you put the laundry in a well-ventilated space, you can dry your clothes on a clothesline. You can use a classic clothesline, but it may be more interesting to install some wall or ceiling system It does not get in the way while you are not using it.

Install a clothesline in the laundry room

An ironing and folding surface

Once the clothes are dry, it is time to iron and fold. And for this it is very practical to have a countertop at least 50 centimeters wide. Why that width? Because this width will allow you to spread most garments on it comfortably to fold them later.

If you place the washer and dryer in parallel, it will create a surface large enough to iron and fold the clothes on it. If not, you will have to resort to a folding ironing board that you can deploy when you need.

Storage space is essential in the laundry room

Storage space

Storage space is essential in any room, why wouldn’t it be in the laundry room? The ideal is to combine closed and open storage spaces. The latter will allow you to have the usual laundry products, laundry baskets or towels at hand if you decide to install a linen closet here.

It is also very practical to install a few bars where you can hang some hangers. This way you can put the freshly ironed clothes on them and then, when you have folded everything, take them to the closet.

You have room?  Install a sink

A sink

It is not an essential element, but having space it is very practical to have a sink in the laundry room. Because there are always difficult stains, a cloth that you want to bleach or beach towels to clean. Even items that you may have to clean by hand.

Good lighting and ventilation

Ventilation is key in a laundry room. It is a space in which will tend to accumulate moisture, so good ventilation will be key to avoid problems. In addition, good natural ventilation will allow you to dry clothes more quickly.

On the other hand, better lighting will not only make the stay more pleasant but will also be essential to observe the garments and detect and treat stains they may have before putting them in the dryer or hanging them out.

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