Excellent qualities of Dasso bamboo flooring in a hotel project

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Decor : Excellent qualities of Dasso bamboo flooring in a hotel project

Within the Marbella nightlife project Mamzel at Finca Besaya, the studio Ismael Mérida Architects opted for the use of a Dasso bamboo flooring, belonging to the Wood-Deck brand by Gabarró Hermanos. The deck was chosen because it is very durable in demanding spaces.

Dasso XTR Fused Bamboo decking

More than 150 square meters of this platform have been installed in the premises, all of them in the restaurant area of ​​this club. Thanks to its design, the interior designer Nezha Kanouni has managed to create a rustic space, but at the same time modern and avant-garde. All this without forgetting his style. This bamboo flooring has helped in all this design thanks to the naturalness and warmth offered by its vegetable fibers.

The aesthetic and functional attributes of the flooring Dasso XTR Fused Bamboo They are similar to other natural hardwood products such as Ipé, but with a more uniform aesthetic as they do not present knots or grain. The manufacturing process combines two high-heat stages to first char the bamboo, removing all starch and sugar, and then restructure the bamboo, reinforcing its natural strength characteristics.

The modified bamboo strands are fused using phenolic resin, resulting in a extremely dense and durable product, composed of 87% fused strand bamboo fibers and 13% resin.

Its attractive dark brown color is obtained thanks to high heat and a subsequent oiling treatment that provides a extra protection against UV rays to the platform.

Leader in developing innovative bamboo products

Bamboo is known around the world for its toughness as well as its beauty. Dasso has taken advantage of this to become the world leader in the development of bamboo products. To do this, it carries out a sustainable management of 3,000 hectares of bamboo forest. This ecological product is a perfect solution for contract spaces, office buildings, commercial premises and even family homes.

With a 25 year warranty for residential applications and 10 years for commercial applications, like the one in this project, the platform Dasso XTR Fused Bamboo offers a great durability (class 1 according to EN 350 of 2016) and (class 4 of use according to UNE-EN335 of 2013). It is also resistant to mold and termites.

Its flame retardant characteristics, Fire resistance (Bfl-s1), his great dimensional stability and its non-slip qualities (23º slipperiness according to DIN 51097) make it ideal for Contract spaces. For its correct maintenance, it is enough to use the same type of products that are applied to tropical wood and that protect the material from UV rays.

Gabarró also sells the pallet bamboo Dasso CTECH, specially designed for outdoor use as it protects the pores with fine ceramic particles, crystallizes the nutrients and prevents the attack of bacteria, fungi, mold and insects, thus avoiding the rotting of the fibers. During its manufacturing process, the natural color of the bamboo is retained, resulting in a striking caramel color. The platform Dasso CTECH it also has great strength, durability, and weather resistance.

In addition to a pleasant aesthetics and a comfortable and welcoming touch, the bamboo flooring Dasso, They are suitable for both residential and commercial applications on floors, facades, panels or coatings.

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