Eye to the data – Decorative details that make a difference I

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Eye to the data - Decorative details that make a difference I

José María García has been one of the most emblematic sports journalists in Spain, as well as a radio announcer. He made the phrase "¡Ojo al dato!" Famous in his radio programs and today we bring him to talk and pay attention to "the details" when presenting a house, decorating it or taking some striking photos.

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When we look for the meaning of detail, we find several meanings. According to the Royal Spanish Academy, detail means: part or fragment of something, detail / courtesy, kindness, affection / relationship, account or circumstantial list. If we join them all, we could say what detail is: that small thing that as a gesture or delicacy account for something greater. And transferred to the world of decor, detail is: what gives greatness to what accompanies, drawing attention to the whole. Come on, something that being defined as detail is very important. And to this importance you have to know how to take advantage of it because with the details you get:

1.- Give atmosphere, warmth and style.
2 .- Call attention and focus on what matters.
3.- Decorate anything or place.
4.- Delight delicately.

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And before this wonder you will be wondering What details are the most successful? If we are honest, we think that all the details are good, in principle. There is nothing perfect in this life and that also applies to the details. You have to be careful not to abuse them, that they are not excessively flashy, eye with the combination of colors, and know how to find their place because there are very different details and for all tastes.

Taking into account what has been said, both in this article and in the next installment, we will talk about the most used, although applying a new air. Today we start with floral and textile details, explaining its importance for Homes to Inspire.

Floral detail

Flowers and plants they are the details par excellence, a gesture that gives natural style to any room and that always look good. Of course, as long as you know how to take care of them, although in that case you have the option of artificial flowers and plants. Personally we like big and green plants, with them you cover a lot of space besides creating atmosphere. They look great in entrances, corners and near the windows; in the terraces they are essential and in the big bathrooms, they look very elegant. A new air would be to put them inside a sack or cloth bag, covering the flowerpot.

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The flowers are another very used detail, perhaps more ephemeral than the plants, but also more colorful and elegant. Remember that they exist in plastic or silk, because what does not stay or smell good are the flowers passed, and if you resort to them, keep in mind that they are very realistic. They look great on entrances, bedside tables, side tables, in bathrooms and in the kitchen. They can be displayed in small or large vases, depending on the space, or violeteros if you want to give a more elegant touch. A new air would be to display them in containers not intended for them, glass jars, old cans or ceramic jugs.

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Textile detail

We love the fabrics and more when they are soft and fluffy, they evoke an atmosphere of calm and rest, very attractive. We refer to cushions or pillows, blankets, sheets and other textiles such as tablecloths, towels, aprons, kitchen towels, curtains, carpets ... Here is a vast world to choose from so we will focus on the main ones.

The cushions and cushions are the kings of decorative details, the essential accessories in decoration. There is no doubt that they are fundamentals in a sofa and even in some chairs or armchairs, and the pillows are the protagonists of the bed. The choice of fabric and color are important to style the sofa, create harmony and elegant atmosphere. It takes a lot now, the ethnic fabrics and old fabrics, although the colors smooth and combined harmonically, give very good result. In the bedrooms the cushions together with cushions make a good team to dress especially the double beds.

And speaking of equipment, blankets and quilts are the quintessential pairs of cushions and cushions. A new air for sofa decoration is to include elements associated with its use, for example, a book, glasses, magazines, a tablet, a cup ... with it we give a very real home feeling. For the decoration of the beds, the idea is to combine the sheet sets with blankets of different colors or plaid It does not cover anything other than the top surface of the bed. And the new air can be clothing accessories such as slippers, robes, scarves, hats ... or those we have previously indicated for the living room.

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Another of the textiles used are towels and tablecloths. Who wants a bath without towels? Nobody, a bathroom without its complete essential is like a mannequin without clothes. Take note and you dress the bathroom with towels, they give a sense of care and mime, something we look for when we go to the bathroom. Place them on your towel rails or on the sink counter, and to give a different air, use linen or linen towels, those that evoke ancient times and give an elegant touch.

The tablecloths always dress well a table, and more when accompanied by crockery, glassware and cutlery to present the table in all its glory. Although it has to be said that now other modalities are also carried out, such as table and individual paths, which provide a new, practical and fresh air when dressing a table.

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We hope you find it interesting what we have seen because, like the television series, "It will continue ..." It is an important issue that you have to know how to handle if you want to take advantage of your home and more when you're going to sell, rent or take pictures for publication. The interior design and Home Staging professionals who work with them on a daily basis know this very well.

Beware of the second installment!

Decorative details that make the difference II

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