Eye to the data – Decorative details that make the difference II

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Eye to the data - Decorative details that make the difference II

In the first delivery we told you the different meanings of "detail" and the conclusion of the meaning in decoration; detail: is that which accompanies the whole giving greatness and calling attention. Which is very important for get atmosphere, style, beautification, attention and delicacy among many other benefits.

We also talk about the care that must be taken when using them, since it is not the same when you do it for your home as when you do it to present a house for sale or rent. In this case our audience is very diverse and the goal is to draw attention about all of them, being as neutral as possible. You have to keep in mind not to abuse them, not to be excessively flashy, eye with the combination of colors, and know how to find your place because there are very different details and for all tastes.

Cubiqz Spain - Entreáticos

The previous delivery addressed the floral and textile details. In this we will deal with other details that we think are interesting for the Houses to Inspire.

Eye to the data - Decorative details that make a difference I

Detail of light

We all like the sunlight, the luminosity and warmth it brings, right? Well, that is the idea that you have to have when setting the mood with details of light. In this topic you have to Pay attention to the type of light to choose since we can have a fabulous design lamp and, only by the type of light that we place, to be disadvantaged. Starting from this clarification, we have a wide range of lamps and other details of light such as lanterns, garlands or luminous lanterns and other objects of paper, appliques, torches, candlesticks and candles.

Cubiqz Spain - Kaat Vastgoedstyling

In salons both the ceiling lamps like those that give indirect light with a dim and intimate atmosphere for according to what occasions. In the bedrooms we are inclined indirect lights well with small lamps, stand or applique. The garlands can also be and give a new look in this type of room even put them as headboard or frame something on the wall.

The lanterns they look great on terraces or gardens; in entrances and rooms they can be a different option, when they are of crystal only, the so-called beacons. For exterior entrances and porches, another option are torches, candlesticks and candles. Well, candles are the joker in these details of light, they always look good anywhere.

In addition, aromatic candles give an odor so they are widely used in bathrooms or in the kitchen. A different idea is to place them in containers with coffee instead of sand or stones. The Candlesticks on tables or consoles give an elegant look that we should not forget

Cubiqz Spain - Habitalook

Cubiqz Spain - Habitalook

Art detail

Add an art detail is an option that may not be available to all pockets, although we must recognize that it is a plus in any presentation or photography. A sculpture, a painting or a unique piece They are flashy by themselves. On another level there are details of art such as photography, fabrics or ornaments which are also a good choice. The landscape photos, portraits or details are very well on sofas or beds, in corners or corridors can be another location, and in kitchens and bathrooms we should not rule them out. With them you can give depth to small rooms, favoring them, although of course you have to know how to choose the right photo.

Fabrics are worn much like tapestry, hung on the wall, or framed. They are used as plaid or light blankets and even as headboards.

Another interesting art detail is the sculptures or ethnic ornaments both in wood and iron, they are very useful and They look very chic and attract attention for its exoticism. In entrances or hall, shelves, tables of center or in bathrooms can change the air of the stay. Eye to your location, being unique pieces it is important to find their place and not mix with other ornaments. Remember the premise that "less is more", Which we must apply to the details so as not to saturate the room and maintain a visual harmony.

Cubiqz Spain - Creativa Home

Cubiqz Spain - Irene Onis Home Stager

As you can see, the details are not to be taken lightly and the interior design professionals know very well. And in the case of selling your house, the professionals of the Home Staging who deal with them in all their jobs and projects. They are the ones who know best its use and results so do not hesitate to ask for advice and advice from a Home Stager when presenting your property to the public or for a photo shoot.

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Be inspired by the advice of professionals and make your House Inspire, whether you live in it or when you have it for sale. Do not miss details that make a difference!

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