Facades of houses: 4 styles and their characteristics

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Decor : Facades of houses: 4 styles and their characteristics

Facades of houses

When faced with the design of a home, style is one of the first characteristics that must be defined. Because each style has associated its own architectural characteristics that must be integrated into the design and will define an important part of the house as its facade. We invite you to discover four styles of facades of houses and take note of the key characteristics of each one of them.

Mediterranean style

The luminosity of the white facades and stone details are key in the Mediterranean-style facades. Also the large windows that generally open on the north facade of the house in order to maintain a pleasant temperature. We do not mean to say that we do not find windows on the south facades, however, these are usually smaller.

Windows, shutters and doors They are the elements used in Mediterranean-style houses to color the facades. And it is the blue color that is reserved for it; a more or less intense blue depending both on the area in which we are and, of course, on the personal taste of the owners.

Mediterranean style houses

The more or less flat roofs They are another characteristic of these houses, as is their openness to the outside. The Mediterranean climate allows you to enjoy the outdoor spaces Much of the year, hence patios and terraces are considered a natural extension of the house. Especially in these patios, but also in front of the façade, olive trees, lemon trees, bougainvilleas, rosemary, lavenders and other aromatic plants that serve as a condiment for many recipes take center stage.

Modern facades

Do you want the facade to impact for its modern and avant-garde style? There is no single recipe to achieve it, however, there are some characteristics that are repeated in the most striking modern facades. Bet on geometric shapes well defined is the first of them. And the second? Create contrasts through materials or colors.

Modern facades

Modular houses are today a great alternative for those looking for shorter execution times. And these have been responsible for making the trend overlapping geometric figures, squares and rectangles mainly, although there are those who decide to go further.

As we have already advanced, creating contrasts on the façade is essential in this type of façade. Most of the time it is achieved combining different materials like concrete and wood, but it can also be achieved through color.

Another important characteristic, not in all but in many of these homes, is the importance that the glazed surfaces. It is common to find glass walls and / or large windows that open in the shape of an accordion and allow you to create an indoor / outdoor environment in summer.

Classic facades

You just have to walk through our cities to observe the most characteristic features of classic facades, their sobriety and elegance. And how is it achieved? Betting on a neutral facade with windows arranged symmetrically. Very tall windows that honor the generally high ceilings of these buildings.

Classic facades

Characteristics of these facades are also the wrought iron balusters that decorate the balconies and that bet contrast to a facade painted in light tones. And although the straight lines are characteristic of these, normally, depending on the time, the curves through columns and viewpoints also take center stage.


The stone is the protagonist of the latest style of facade that we propose today, although not all rural houses in our country have stone facades. And it is that throughout our geography we can enjoy unique architectural details, mainly motivated by the geography and climate of the area.

Rural house

Along with stone, carpentry takes on a lot of prominence. Window frames, shutters and wooden doors generally decorate the main facade. The balconies and porches They are also typical elements of rural houses that are resolved in wood. Vine climbing plants that fulfill a double mission, provide shade and decorate, climb the lattices of the latter. If you choose them with flowers, such as bougainvillea or wisteria, you will also achieve a very striking result during the spring and summer months.

And these are just some of the styles that house facades can adopt. Which one do you like the most?

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