Fall colors – Beautiful and simple ideas to decorate your home

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Fall colors - Beautiful and simple ideas to decorate your home

fall door colors

Taking long walks surrounded by hay and appreciating all the fall colors is a lot of fun. But sometimes the best part of autumn is simply relaxing inside your home. That's where our best decorating ideas come into play to take advantage of the beautiful fall colors.

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It is the great moment for all your favorite autumn things, such as pumpkins, pictures, thick knit blankets, among others, which have waited all year to radiate their beautiful colors again.

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You can decorate from your entrance door to your living room and your bedroom. Every room in your home deserves an autumnal glow, without a doubt. These seasonal home decor accessories and elegant crafts will make it much easier, giving your home a makeover in this beautiful season.

autumn colors decoration

You will be surprised how even the simplest home decoration, such as crowns, cushions and dining centerpieces, can transform your space into the cozy fall shelter you've always dreamed of.

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Take the warm colors of autumn to your home with these beautiful and simple decoration projects. There are many ways to decorate your home in an elegant and festive way for fall. As we have already indicated, pumpkins, fall foliage and pineapples are some of the popular themes that can inspire you.

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You can mix all these elements in your mantle or you can ingeniously stagger them in your front steps. You can also make an autumn wreath with miniature pumpkins.

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Ideas to decorate with fall colors

Autumn is fast approaching, and with that a new design scheme is waiting for you. We have some tips and ideas of simple and sophisticated decorations for you to use. If you need an update, do not worry, here you will see simple and sophisticated ways to decorate your home for the fall season.

fall colors landscapes

Use brightly colored oranges for greater exterior appeal. You will love a garland made of large pineapples that incorporates fresh magnolia or vegetation. When decorating for the fall, it is better to make the most of your investment and choose an appearance that will take you through the tailgate, Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons.

fall wreath colors

It incorporates pink and purple colors

By tradition, fall colors are burnt orange colors, deep garnets and different variations of bronzes. But there are also many other color schemes for you to consider. The incorporation of rich purples and deep roses will help brighten your decoration and distinguish it from the rest.

fall colors pink

Make your own beautiful wheat bouquet

The versatility of this plant makes it such a practical and low maintenance option. In addition to the flowers, you can also add additional texture through the vases that hold the florals. Choose a plain white jug with a subtle pattern to use throughout the year, and if you choose to buy a wheat wreath, this bouquet will be perfectly combined with your entrance door.

autumn wheat colors

Bring your outdoor space to life

Don't leave your backyard out of the fun. These potted plants would look great at any time of the year, but if you fill them with colorful fall flowers, they will surely make a statement during an outdoor evening.

fall patio colors

Make a simple rustic coating in 10 minutes

Wrap a rope several times around the vote holders and colorful autumn leaves. Then secure it with a knot. To build different heights, head the votives with a variable number of small white pumpkins. Gather a variety of colorful autumn leaves and use wire to attach them to a long rope to form a beautiful seasonal garland. Using adhesive hooks you can set the garland to your shelf.

autumn colors landscape

Autumn Pumpkin Landscape

Take the fall colors to your lobby with a simple table landscape.
Choose some branches of colorful autumn leaves and simply place them in a tall glass vase full of water. From this bold focal point, build the rest of your table screen. Take a variety of seasonal pumpkins in a mixture of colors, sizes and textures to vary. Fill a smaller glass bell with bleached pineapples and invert, do not hesitate to improvise. You can also add a potted plant to the texture arrangement. Place small pumpkins around the larger elements and spread brighter autumn leaves along the table.

autumn colors decoration

A centerpiece in 25 minutes

An intelligent combination of green, white tones and flashes of autumn colors will make this centerpiece of decoration feel like a fresh and modern cornucopia. It's very easy to do. Take a round or oval container and fill it with potting soil. Plant a succulent mixture toward the center of the bowl, leaving plenty of space around the edges. You put small orange and white pumpkins on the ground. Add seasonal vegetables such as kale, radishes and eggplants. Use fresh herbal packets to fill in the gaps. Surround with more pumpkins and votives. It incorporates white pumpkins White pumpkins add an unexpected and elegant touch.

autumn table colors

Use wheat to make a natural crown

The first thing people see is your entrance door, so it is a very good idea, to make a beautiful and original crown. with natural materials, such as wheat grass that you can perfectly use to obtain this decorative element.

fall colors doors

Crown with pumpkins in 25 minutes

Buy a vine wreath at the store. Choose an odd number of mini white pumpkins. Attach the pumpkins to the florist peaks and then work the peaks on the crown, making sure to space them evenly. Secure the pumpkins to the crown with wire. Add seasonal vegetation, completing the spaces between pumpkins. Add a variety of autumn leaves to the crown with spikes and wire for a colorful finish.

fall pumpkin colors

Make and decorate with terrariums

Terrariums are an easy way to grow plants indoors. Start by choosing a clear glass container with a wide opening. Gently add fine gravel into the bowl. Then add wet potting soil, and voila. These miniature landscapes can contain a collection of colorful plants to display.

autumn colors terrarium

Votive Pumpkin

Feel free to skip the container and disperse the votives anywhere you can use some autumnal glow. Fill a rustic container with two thirds of water. Use a handmade knife to draw circles slightly larger than the bottom of a tea light in the mini pumpkins. Cut and sculpt the circles to allow a candle to fit comfortably inside. Now insert tea lights and float the votive pumpkins and whole pumpkins in water. If you wish you can also add bright autumn leaves and sprigs of herbs to give it color and texture.

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Table pumpkin topiary

You could take three bowls of graduated sizes and place moist florist foam in each bowl, so that the top of the foam matches the top of each bowl. Stack the bowls with the largest one at the bottom. Using florist peaks, secure white pumpkins and artichokes in an asymmetrical arrangement with the foam of each level. Working from one side at a time, use herbs, peppers and berries to fill the spaces between pumpkins and artichokes. If you wish, you can create smaller accent pieces with individual bowls, sprigs of herbs and pumpkins.

fall colors topiary

Fall Foliage Arrangement

The key to organizing the leaves is to group them by size and color as you would with the flowers. The fiery red maple is a beautiful focal point when it is counteracted by the feathery foliage of the dawn redwood loaded with gray-green fruit balloons at the edges. It is really beautiful.

fall foliage colors

Make your blooming pumpkin

To make this beautiful arrangement, choose your favorite pumpkin and collect some violas, thoughts, lettuce with red and green leaves, thyme and rosemary to decorate. Clean the pumpkin with a wipe, cut a hole in the top and take out the seeds. Line with foil or a plastic bag and fill three quarters with potting soil and plants. Simply carve a hole in a pumpkin and fill yourself with your favorite autumn flowers. Super simple and in a short time you will have your blooming pumpkin.

vase fall colors

Make custom candle holders

Transforms mini pumpkins into luminaries. Cutting a circle one inch wide in each pumpkin, taking out the centers with a spoon and inserting votive candles.

autumn colors candlesticks

Add height to your pumpkin display

Arrange branches, dried herbs, moss, squash and small pumpkins in a vase as you would with a traditional flower display. Then, choose a single pumpkin with an interesting shape or a twisted stem to display. Place on a smaller table or stool to help differentiate it from the rest.

fall colors foliage

Painted Pumpkins

The gold-colored metallic paint gives ordinary pumpkins a surprise factor. Paste round labels on a pumpkin and trace the shape with a pencil. Remove the labels and paint inside the circles drawn with gold paint. For another effect, you could do the opposite. Place labels on the pumpkin and then cover it all with gold paint and remove the labels when the paint is dry.

painted fall colors

Floral pumpkins

To make these festive decorations, take a carved or soft skinned pumpkin. Using a punch, make a hole in the pumpkin and fill it with beautiful flowers with fall colors. Repeat this process until all the pumpkin is covered. To help extend your life, keep this decoration in the refrigerator until party time.

fall colors

Pumpkin garland

To make the pumpkin wreath or crown, first cover a 20-inch foam shape with leaf moss. Ideally, use a glue gun to keep the moss in place. Run a 3-inch-wide burlap ribbon over the crown to create a hanger long enough so that it can reach the top of the door and allow the crown to hang at eye level. Insert spikes of wooden florist at the bottom of pumpkins, and heat the connection to secure. Once the glue has cooled, paste the pumpkins into the crown. Fill with more moss, using a glue gun. To hang the crown, secure the burlap ribbon with an upholstery tack pinned to the top edge of the door.

fall colors coronita

Spectacular arrangement with dried flowers

Create a dazzling kaleidoscope with fall colors on your table, mixing clusters of flowers and foliage in a rainbow of tones. The salty aromas of dried herbs will subtly enhance the aroma of a special meal. To light up your table, just add a glass hurricane and a candle in the center of the crown. After showing it flat as a centerpiece, you can hang it on a pretty ribbon to enjoy it from a different perspective.

dry fall colors

Foliage with fall colors

Make and decorate with a crown with bright autumn leaves. This works with maple, oak, sweet gum, American walnut, dogwood, whatever you are doing a show in your garden. You can also do it with canned leaves bought at a craft store. If you protect it from direct sunlight, this crown can last two to three years. To clean it, just remove the dust with a cold hair dryer. Store in a plastic bag in a cool, dark place. Without a doubt they are very easy, simple, beautiful and striking.

autumn colors garlands

Indian corn decoration

Indian corn, or simply corn, is a natural way to bring some autumn inside our home. With its multicolored grains and different sizes, Indian corn claims a leading role in many decorative elements. Burlap ribbons create a rustic background for the iconic autumn plants that are grouped into sheaves to form decorative accents.

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