Fireplace doors or fireplace inserts?

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Decor : Fireplace doors or fireplace inserts?

More than one might wonder that we are talking about fireplaces in the middle of summer when temperatures are around 40 degrees and what is less desirable is more heat. But leaving this aside, fireplaces have become the perfect complement when decorating the living room or kitchen of homes. However, What type of fireplace to place? Cassette fireplaces are usually a highly demanded option, especially when it comes to new construction, but if there is already an open fireplace, as an alternative we can find the option of installing a door in the fireplace opening.

Cassette Fireplaces

Cassette fireplaces, or plug-in fireplaces, are those that fit inside the chimneys of work. Its main objective is to improve its performance and consume less. These types of models have a door from which the fire is controlled, while offering us security. Its main advantages are:

  • Compared to open fireplaces, cassette fireplaces allows combustion control, minimizing fuel consumption.
  • Smoke is prevented from entering the home, avoiding bad smells, as well as possible smoke inhalation poisoning problems.
  • They offer a more comfortable cleaning, since the smoke and ash generated in the combustion are channeled by the same structure.
  • We can not forget to talk about the security offered by these types of fireplaces, since it will prevent fire sparks from jumping out of the fireplace and that may cause a fire.

Fireplace doors as a great alternative

As a great alternative to plug-in fireplaces, we find HotFireDoor fireplace doors. In this case, unlike cassette fireplaces, a complete structure would not be installed, but only a door would be placed in the open fireplace that we had in our home.

Thanks to this door, we are achieving the same effect as the inserts, but with an important benefit, which is none other than the price. These types of doors have much lower prices than if we install a cassette fireplace, even if the door has to be made to measure. A very important fact to keep in mind for the economy of any home.

It is also important to note that if we choose to install a door for the fireplace, it will not be necessary to carry out any type of work, since this would be placed in the front of the open fireplace. On the other hand, if we opt for a cassette fireplace, it is most likely that some type of work will have to be carried out for its installation, since it must be fitted inside the hole, which means more expense, as well as inconvenience for the owners. from the house.

Like the previous case, these types of doors also offer important benefits. Let’s see below some of the most important.

  • Incorporates a glass ceramic It withstands temperatures of several hundred degrees, which will prevent it from breaking easily.
  • When the door is installed in the open fireplace, the heat is spread better throughout the room, creating a feeling of greater comfort.
  • We will also manage to reduce firewood consumption, thus reducing investment in this type of fuel.
  • By closing the fireplace opening, we will be preventing sparks from falling to the floor, eliminating the risk of careless fires.
  • Finally, it must be said that thanks to the door, the room will be much cleaner since neither the smoke nor the ashes will come out of the chimney.

As we have seen, doors for open fireplaces have become one of the best options on the market.

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