Flexos: directly illuminate your work corner

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Decor : Flexos: directly illuminate your work corner


The flexos have become an essential for illuminate workspaces. Originally used in company offices and workshops, they had an industrial aesthetic that they still preserve today and for which they are so attractive to decorate our homes.

Despite keeping that industrial aesthetics its design has evolved. Along with the classic flexes today stand out others inspired by these with articulated arms and more stylized shapes. Designs that adapt to new practical and aesthetic needs and that today we show you where and how to use.

What is a flexo?

1. m. Table lamp with a flexible arm that allows the light to be concentrated in a specific space.


This is how the Royal Spanish Academy defines this essential lamp in the decoration of our homes. A lamp that is used mainly in work spaces because it allows to provide light on a certain space, although this is not the only feature to highlight. In fact, there are three main reasons to bet on flexes to decorate a certain space:

  1. Provide direct focal illumination where we need it.
  2. They can be moved or flexed to direct the beam of light.
  3. You will find them with different fixing possibilities, sizes, colors, shapes … A feature that will make it easier for you to integrate them with taste in any space to be decorated.

Flexos according to your style

One of the reasons that we mentioned to bet on this type of lamps to illuminate our workspace was the wide variety of existing designs. These can be divided, in terms of their style, into two main groups: traditional industrial-style hoses and modern hoses.

  • Industrial style. The flexos black or with metallic finishes They are still the favorites to decorate our homes since they fit in both modern and classic environments. However, it is increasingly common to find versions that respect the original design but are presented in pastel or neon colors.
  • Modern. Modern designs with one or two articulated arms and inspired by the old lamps, but more stylish and sophisticated than these, they are today one of the most popular options among wall lamps. You will find them in the catalogs, mainly, in black with smooth finishes.

Different types of hoses

Corners that you can illuminate with a lamp

Lighting is essential for a space to be functional. And it is especially important in those rooms in which we are going to carry out a job or a task that requires a direct light source such as the study, the kitchen, or the reading corner.

Flexos in the kitchen

The kitchen

Placing a single central lamp in the kitchen may not be enough to cover practical needs even with plenty of natural light. On many occasions we will not get enough light to work on the counter because we ourselves will block the light. A problem that we can solve by installing flexos with articulated arms on the wall that, in addition to illuminating the countertop or the island in an adequate way, make our kitchen more attractive.

Work zone

This is where the gooseneck has traditionally been used. On a desk or a work table, these lamps provide us with the necessary light to work comfortably even at night. Bet on industrial style flexos and take risks with color to achieve a more modern aesthetic.

Flexos in offices and reading corners

Reading corner

Good lighting is key so as not to strain our eyes excessively when we read. In that sense, placing a flexo in what is our reading corner can do us a great favor. We can fix it on the wall, place it on a side table or hold it with a clamp on the shelf in order to enjoy our reading time.

The flexos are eternal. In 10 years they will continue to be a great option both to illuminate and to decorate our homes. They do not go out of style! No, at least, if we bet on flexos in black and with proportionate and clean shapes. Do you like flexos as a decorative element?

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