Floppy disk table, the floppytable

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Floppy disk table, the floppytable

Geek table

Do you remember the time when we had our files in a box with several floppy disk?.

What a beautiful time before USB, to portable hard drives or to the intensive use of Dropbox.

geek table

This must have thought Axel Van Exel and Marian Neulant when they designed the 'floppytableAnd they created a table with a modern look but with a retro and freaky look that reminds us of other times.


The table has dimensions of W27.56 "x H25.59" x D17.72 "cm and cIt has all kinds of details, like the arrow that indicates the position to insert it in the computer or the metallic protection that slides as it did in reality and that in this case gives us access to a storage area.

Floppy disk table

All tables are made by hand and laser engraved with a serial number as its authenticity marks.

If you liked the Floppy disk table, you should accompany it with the QWERTY sofa.

Photographs: ® Axel Van Exel - Marian Neulant

Source: Designboom

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