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Decor : Fluffy and colorful pompoms for your home decoration –

pom poms for diy

Pompoms are really very adorable. Both children and adults love them. Fortunately, there are endless ideas to use in decorating your home. This time we will be showing you some of those ideas to inspire you.

bath pompoms

The good thing is that they are also projects where you can involve the little ones. Pompoms apart from being adorable, cuddly, and cozy are also very easy to make. You just have to let your imagination and creativity free. You can use them for any type of festive decoration.

pompoms christmas ornaments

And even make beautiful and soft rugs for your bedroom or the children’s. Although you can decorate the interior of your home with beautiful colored pompoms, you can also decorate gifts. You can make imitations of flowers for a decoration in spring.

pompoms christmas centerpiece

And even a curtain to decorate your children’s playroom. Perhaps there are people who think that pompoms are ordinary. But they are actually a very fun and easy decorating project to do. Pompoms can definitely brighten up the atmosphere in any room.

Pompoms are perfect for home decor

colorful pompoms

They’re even perfect for Christmas decorations, which are right around the corner. But how did pompoms get popular? Well, actually pompoms have been around for a long time. The English word “pompom” comes from the Old French word “pombe”.

pompoms christmas tree

This word meant a knot of ribbons. The word was also used to describe the tassels or decorations that were used on military hats to show which regiment a soldier belonged to. Of course, it is not known how the military uniforms adopted these decorations.

basket pompoms

Although some say this was due to the soldiers putting their fluffy musket cleaning brushes on their hats. Today you can still see some uniforms with different pompoms. And for sure, each one has its own story and special meaning.

pompoms with lights

But not only the uniforms of the military where the pompom has been present. In Scotland, they have always been part of traditional dress. Men wear a flexible beret called a Balmoral cap with a bright red pompom.

pompoms crown halloween

Also other cultures use pompoms as an ornament or as a symbolic element. For example, priests in Rome wear caps called birettas with a pompom, which depending on the color is the order to which they belong. In the Black Forest, located in Germany, women wear traditional straw hats called bollenhut.

pom poms halloween decoration

The wide-brimmed whitewashed straw hat features 14 large handmade cross-shaped woolen pompoms. Single women wear red pompoms and married women wear black pompoms. Each hat takes about a week to make but they are only worn on special occasions.

Pompoms brighten up any space

pompoms decorate flowerpot

It is worth mentioning that, it is not known who was the one who actually created the first pompom. Nor is the date on which mtoleast it appeared for the first time. But what we are very sure of is that it has been around for a long time.

pompoms crown snowman

In fact, there is a statue that was made in the 11th century where you can see a Viking wearing a hat with a pompom. Now that you know a little more about the pom pom, bring all that ornamental history into your home. So take some yarn to make a colorful, fluffy, and adorable pom pom.

decorative pompoms

You can even easily teach your kids. They can also customize some elements. Girls can create original neck pieces or hat outlines. Also headbands and bracelets to give a different style to your daily outfit.

pompoms bracelet girl

As for children, they can also create many things such as Mother’s Day cards, birthday hats and funny animals. As for the home, in addition to those already mentioned, there are also many creative ideas for your table and wall.

pom poms crafts

As well as other decorative ornaments such as crowns, cushions, flowers, tapestries, monograms, curtains and much more. Surely you already know how to make a simple pompom. But we want you to know that there are also instruments with which you can make them much faster.

pompoms cushion

Ideas to decorate with pompoms

Well, to make a simple but colorful and cozy cushion you will only need a cushion cover, thick threads of the colors you want. It is worth mentioning that the amount of thread you will need will depend on the size of your cushion. Hot glue and scissors.

pompoms chair

Of course, if you don’t have a cushion cover then you can make one yourself, it’s really very easy. Well obviously start off by making your colorful pom poms. Once you’ve done all of the ones you need, use your hot glue gun to glue them to the cushion.

small bench pompoms

Add a large bead of glue and then spread the pom pom a bit and glue it on. Try to place the glue in the center of the pom pom. Since if you stick it on the edges they may loosen. So try to open the pom pom and glue it from the center.

pompoms decorate cushion

Cover each space on the cushion with your pom poms and allow the glue to cool completely before you can use your cushion for decoration or cuddling. But as well as using yarn, you can also use paper raffia to make cute and eye-catching pompoms. Of course, if you are going to make your pom poms with paper raffia then try to secure your pom pom than kitchen string.

pompoms on cushions

If you are one of the people who loves giant pom poms, we will give you a great idea to make one. You can certainly make small or medium pom poms by wrapping the yarn in your hand. We also indicate that there is an instrument on the market to make pompoms of three different sizes.

Pom poms for any festive season

pompoms door

Well, if you really want an extra large pompom to decorate for example a simple knitted blanket, then you can use an embroidery hoop. Just take the size you want. These racks can actually be found in large sizes.

pompoms wall decoration

Well, start winding the thread just as you would in your hand. When you have already taken about 20 laps then, without cutting your wool thread, you will secure the center of your pompom with an upholstery thread. Then continue winding your wool yarn for about 20 more turns and repeat the procedure of securing the center of the pom pom.

pompoms on blanket

You can do this about three or four times, depending on how large you want your pom pom to stand out on your knitted blanket. When you are done with the rounds, now you can secure the center of the pompom with the same wool thread. But you should leave enough yarn so that you can secure the pom pom to your blanket with that remaining yarn.

christmas tree pom poms

Just pass it twice through the fabric of your blanket, knot and cut what is left over and voila. Include the pompoms in the decoration of your dining table for a fun and original dinner. Think of the beautiful and fun napkin rings. Start by making your pom poms.

Decorate your table with pompoms

pompoms napkin holder

Obviously you will have to make them small, so you could use your fingers to roll. Make sure to leave the string long when you secure the center of the pom poms. If you have the napkin rings that’s great. Now if, on the other hand, you do not have earrings then you can take a small elastic hair band.

pompoms for napkin holder

You just need to tie two or three small pompoms of different colors to the elastic band. Although if you prefer you can also make a single pompom a little bigger and tie it to your napkin holder. You will surely agree with us that a pom pom rug is the best gift for your home.

pompoms carpet

To make a pom pom rug apart from the yarn and scissors you will also need a rug pad. You must cut it to give it the shape you want. Now start making a lot of pompoms and when you have all the ones you need start tying them to the pad to fully cover it.

pom poms on carpet

Make sure to tie them tightly together so your rug is fluffy. And once it’s done, just enjoy it by placing your feet and feeling the softness. Actually, there are many simple ideas with which you can include pompoms in your home decoration in any season. You just have to trust your creativity and get down to work.

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