Folding beds, the perfect solution to expand spaces

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Folding beds, the perfect solution to expand spaces

Small houses and mini-apartments are the order of the day, especially among young people, although many families are forced to live in this type of property. Getting to fit all the essential furniture, decorative objects and especially people can be a real challenge, especially when they are the rooms of children and young people who need much more space. In some cases, the dimensions of the house are correct but some rooms are smaller than usual or are designed to have a double function.

And it is that, as difficult as it may seem, small rooms can give rise to endless decoration possibilities. An example of this are the folding beds, which have experienced a significant boom in recent years, allowing to expand the space to create dream rooms. Without a doubt, they are truly useful in children's and youth bedrooms where toys, cabinets, shelves and desks are essential for day to day. And it is that the versatility and functionality offered by these folding beds has placed them in the spotlight, making them an indispensable piece of furniture for any home.

Types of folding beds

One of the advantages when it comes to buy folding beds is that they are in all kinds of colors, styles and designs so that when buying one of them it is as simple and comfortable as possible. Something especially useful when it comes to acquiring youth beds for teenagers, who already have their aesthetic tastes clearly defined. The main objective when betting on this type of folding furniture is to have a spacious and modern room, so it is important to calculate how it will be arranged to be able to choose the most appropriate type of bed in each situation.

The most common types of beds are usually horizontal folding beds, vertical folding beds and folding bunk beds. All of them are designed to turn the room into a large space, integrating spectacularly with the rest of the furniture and decoration. A horizontal folding bed is perfect for those who want to save space as they are extremely functional and fit the available dimensions. The same goes for a vertical folding bed, the main difference between them being the space they leave: one more empty to the ceiling and another from the sides. It is a matter of being based on the design that has been established.

A bunk bedOn the other hand, it is quite useful in cases where children or young people must share the room because they do not have the necessary dimensions to have two beds or a good place to study. During the day, both fold to the wall and remain completely hidden from view. In this way, the maximum optimization of the stay is achieved. Sometimes, folding beds incorporate desk tables under them that arise when folded at all. A two in one that will delight the little ones, since it brings an original, creative and very modern touch to their bedrooms perfect to surprise visitors.

Why opt for a folding bed

As we mentioned, the folding beds They are one of the great essentials in any room of small dimensions and it is that their characteristics make it very attractive. One of them is the quality of its materials, since it is of vital importance that they comply with all the guarantees and are strong enough to withstand the ups and downs and not get off the hook. For this reason, it is common to find folding beds at high prices, although websites such as Menamobel They have numerous offers and fairly decent prices as well as a wide catalog of designs for all ages.

However, in most cases the vertical folding beds have lower prices than the horizontal ones, so if you look for savings and quality these can be a really good option. On the other hand, opt for a folding bed brings several advantages in front of those of a lifetime. In the first place, having a bed of this style will get a wide space to enjoy, especially if you have a table as a desk as young people will have a good atmosphere for the study to feel comfortable. In fact, you can make several combinations that include beds with desks and even with shelves.

Betting on one of them will create a greater functionality of the room without having to give up a modern design. It is what happens with the folding bunk beds, which allow children to invite friends to sleep without juggling to place another extra bed. Also, being foldable they camouflage perfectly in any corner of the room being part, sometimes, of the furniture itself. In this way, the square meters that are available in the room or in the home will be used to the maximum, since when they are collected they can be easily transferred in order to be used in the different rooms.

Sometimes it can seem like a headache to furnish small houses, but there are always solutions for everything. The folding beds or even the folding bunk beds, give very good result and also provide a modern and original touch to the bedrooms. Therefore, we encourage you to try them!

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