Folding Wall Tables Models

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If you live in a house or a small apartment and you don’t have enough space to place your dining table, work table or even an extra space to serve your guests, below we show you different models of folding wall tables that can help you squeeze the few inches available and turn it into a more functional space and achieve the desired comfort.

folding table wall kitchen

They are Perfect for Any Environment

An advantage of folding or folding tables is that they adapt to any environment in the house. They can be placed in the living room or bedroom and do not interfere with the main function of the room.

folding table model

This design is used for a work area and can be placed anywhere in the house. Either for the bedroom, living room or wherever you feel more motivated. Includes hidden shelf. The neutral tones of the table and chair match the wall where the furniture is located.

They take up little space

Your space it won’t look smaller, as many models do not take up space on the floor. That is, they do not have legs. With these types of furniture, the visual continuity of the floor is used. And furthermore, when the table is closed, goes unnoticed.

folding table wall kitchen

The kitchen area becomes a critical area when there is very little space. This legless design does not occupy part of the floor and consequently you get greater visual breadth. In addition, as we see in the image on the left, when the table is not used, the design of the tabletop has a fixed part ideal to incorporate a decorative object.

Variable Cabinet Height for Furniture without Legs

A folding wall table can be set at the height that best suits you. Compared to traditional tables that already come with a fixed height, on folding tables and desks you decide.

folding table desk

This practical workbench model with hidden storage when it’s closed. The board also functions as a door for close the cabinet. As can be seen, the height of the furniture can be determined for greater comfort. The desk includes a shelf that complements this area.

Folding Tables Safety:

One of the aspects that must be taken into account of a folding table is that they have a good mechanism of medium and components well insured so as not to cause accidents. It is important to know how much weight they resist and what the furniture’s opening and closing system is like.

folding dining table

This model is perfect for two shared areas such as the living room and dining room. It can also be useful for extra guests. The built-in TV cabinet transforms into a spacious folding dining table. The table base or legs are made of a sturdy material such as metal.

wooden folding table

Today there are different models for you to choose from, from the most sophisticated ones with automatic opening and closing, to those that you can make yourself in your own home.

Most Common Materials for Wall Tables

There is a wide variety of materials for folding tables. The most common are those made of wood, laminates and MDF (medium density fiberboard). Also, it is important to mention that the wall where the furniture is placed must be strong enough, such as a concrete or brick structure.

wall folding table

In this image we see a wooden table design with solid and strong wall brackets. It is a practical table that does not take up space when closed. Consider the furniture around so that they do not obstruct the flow of passage.

Folding Tables with More Functions:

Some designs not only fulfill their main function of saving space and use, you can find some models that include another additional function. They can become a decorative accessory or shelves are added to store objects, for example.

folding table wall kitchen

This table is used as a dining room in the kitchen. Includes several tiers to store crockery and other utensils. To decorate the area a wall lamp is added above it. When the cabinet is closed everything is hidden.

folding table model

Another simple and effective way to add function to the table is with decorative elements like this design. When it is closed you can choose between a decorative painting or a wall mirror.

folding table model

This is another example where the table transforms into a decorative mirror when closed.

folding table desk

Finally, this modern folding work table design incorporates additional space for small things.


The most common form of folding wall tables have tops rectangular, square and even with designs semicircular.

wooden folding table

This wooden folding design can replace the traditional nightstand. Books, a lamp, even a computer are accommodated. Perfect for work. The rounded tips can avoid any bumps by being located next to the bed.

Here we show you more models for your inspiration.

Folding dining table

folding dining table

A small portion of the wall can be enough to create a cozy dining area. Add pictures, a rug, and other elements that help give the feeling of warmth and feel at ease in a well-decorated setting that complements the style.

Kitchen with Folding Wall Tables:

folding table wall kitchen

For narrow kitchens, this type of table is the solution for a quick breakfast and to prepare food. To give emphasis to this area, you can incorporate a nice wallpaper as we see in this image.

Ideal for the Bedroom:

small wall folding table

This is another specimen similar to one previously shown, but in white. You can create a work or reading space in the bedroom.

A Small Work Area

folding table desk

In this image we see that a work area has been created that covers only a portion of the wall. To the sides are added a cork board and a whiteboard with additional space to include some stationery. It also has hidden storage.

folding table wall

This beautiful drop down table can double as a simple piece of furniture to decorate an area of ​​the house when closed and transform into an additional dining table for guests. The fixed surface is wide and allows to include some decorative elements such as plants, ornaments. The decorative painting stands out and adds visual interest in this space.

Folding Tables and Seats

table and seat folding wall

This design shows us that confined environments they are not an obstacle to creating great environments. With this folding table and seat an additional function is added to the room.

table and seat folding wall

This is one table with two folding wooden chairs with wall bracket, ideal for the kitchen or patio of the house.

wall folding table model

For the area of laundry a folding table may be required. It can work for ironing as in this case, to stack dry clothes or whatever you need.

As we have seen the folding wall tables They are a great solution to add extra functional environments in your home. They are a perfect addition to small spaces and to achieve the desired comfort. Some models include Additional functions that contribute to achieving greater organization and beautify your space. We hope they have inspired you.

Source Images: [Ikea, Pinterest]

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