FORMstudio reinvents a penthouse in Bermondsey Wall

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Decor : FORMstudio reinvents a penthouse in Bermondsey Wall

With stunning views of Tower Bridge and the River Thames, the penthouse featured in our entry today, it was crying out for a major renovation. Those in charge of carrying out this reform were the FORMstudio studio, achieving a surprising result, turning the attic into a magnificent open-plan duplex with natural light everywhere. To achieve a better finish, we opted for the use of HI-MACS acrylic stone in an Alpine White tone, a tone that provides calm and calm.

Open space without obstacles

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The penthouse has a space of 240 square meters, and with this reform, most of its space has been left open on the upper floor. The first thing that catches your attention when entering, are its views of the river, views that will make you fall in love with it from the first moment. An elegant staircase leads to the upper floor, revealing an area consisting of the kitchen, dining room and living room.

The kitchen island, almost 5m long, is made in the iconic HI-MACS® Alpine White shade, which brings homogeneity to the space while a huge stainless steel extractor hood suspended above it articulates and further defines plus the interior landscape, enhancing the impressive magnitude and visual coherence of the space. The design of this extraordinary island, which seems to be made up of a single piece, has been possible thanks to the absence of visible joints or joints that acrylic stone achieves.

A double sink, also made of HI-MACS®, is perfectly integrated into the island countertop, the insertion of which on the surface does not show any trace of visible joints or anything that suggests that they are two different pieces. This perfect union, in addition to offering a polished, homogeneous and neat aesthetic, guarantees a lasting environment free of germs and dirt, an indispensable requirement in all those areas of handling and food preparation.

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Downstairs, a splendid riverfront master bedroom suite includes a floor-to-ceiling glass window with an imposing cantilevered gazebo, from which an incredible panoramic view can be enjoyed. As for the bathroom, it features a Not Only White cabinet with flush sinks, from the «Blend» range, made of HI-MACS® acrylic stone. The non-porous surface of this material and its easy cleaning and maintenance is perfect for toilets and wet rooms.

The suitability of this material for the design of bathrooms continues to be shown in this room of the house. In addition to its pleasant touch, the soft and delicate nature of HI-MACS® is also embodied in the monolithic shower seat and in the bathtub located next to it, which, custom designed with the same material, completes this relaxing environment.

FORMstudio has successfully identified the significant development value of a high-end spec apartment from the 1990s with the optimal architectural design of a modern bespoke home. Thus, this impressive penthouse meets each and every one of the strict standards expected of the most select category on the current market.

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