Four DIY decorating ideas for Christmas

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Decor : Four DIY decorating ideas for Christmas

DIY Christmas Decoration

Do you need some decorating ideas for the upcoming Christmas parties? At Bezzia we have put together four DIY decoration ideas for Christmas that we think you might like. Simple ideas that you can make yourself and with which you can give your home that Christmas atmosphere what are you looking for.

These proposals are also a good opportunity to cultivate your creativity and enjoy in another way those rainy mornings and afternoons that abound on these dates. Also a good way to keep the little ones in the house entertained during the weekend, they will love to help you!

Paper garlands

Paper decorations are our favorites when we are children. Colored cardboard, scissors, glue … who doesn’t like to work with these elements as a child? The paper garlands that we propose today are easy to recreate and will fill every corner of your home with color.

DIY paper garlands for Christmas

This type of project is a lot of fun and appropriate for working with children. To start working you will only need templates with basic shapes, generally, such as squares, triangles or circles. Do you already have them? Turn to have fun. Cut out pieces of different colors, assemble them if necessary and glue them to a string so they can be hung wherever you want. Do you need a clear step by step? Take a look at this one from Project Kid.

You can decorate the Christmas tree, place them in the children’s room to fill it with color, or hang them on the table to fill the Christmas tables with joy this year. Even use them to decorate your gifts. It is one of the most versatile DIY decoration ideas.

Cardboard houses

Gingerbread houses, as they are known, are a fun and easy decorating project to work on these weeks leading up to Christmas. You only need to gather some cardboard boxes, a ruler, and start drawing houses! Do you know how to do it? On Pinterest you will find templates like this that will make your task easier.

Cardboard houses

Once you have drawn all the pieces use some white markers to decorate them and finally paste them. To give them a more Christmas touch you can also dress the roofs with white glitter or sugar. Once done, they will help you decorate any surface on a white mantle and accompanied by our next proposal.

Felt trees

Felt trees are a perfect complement to add a bit of rustic charm to your decoration Christmas. An ideal project, also, for beginners, since the materials are affordable. Different colored felt and glue is all you need to buy to get started. A walk in the country will do the rest.

It will be easy to find a christmas tree template. Pick one with a basic silhouette and use it to cut out small or large pieces of felt. Then follow the Little House of Four step by step to bring it to fruition. Are you looking for something a little more worked? If you like to sew, you will enjoy Lia Griffith’s ideas.

Felt trees


It only takes a few minutes to create Christmas scenes inside a glass container. That is the idea of ​​this DIY proposal that reminds us so much of snowballs and that as these is perfect for decorating a table or a shelf for Christmas.

You will need a glass container in order to carry out this project. A vase, bell, or even a wide-mouthed cookie or candy container can serve as a container for this project. Then you can use sugar to create a snowy ground and add small elements that help you create a Christmas scene: houses and Christmas trees like the ones we have taught you to create, animal figurines, natural elements …

Do you like these DIY decorating ideas for Christmas? In addition to giving your home a Christmas atmosphere this upcoming holidays, you will be able to have a good time working on them. And isn’t that the most important thing? Cheer up »

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