From the traditional office to healthy, agile and smart workspaces

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Decor : From the traditional office to healthy, agile and smart workspaces

The pandemic has affected workspaces. Today they are looking for these to be more efficient, safe and healthy for everyone, thus responding to the health situation we are experiencing. These new uses of the offices require that the furniture used allows the distribution to be modified whenever desired, as well as the arrangement of the elements. It should not be forgotten that the implementation of teleworking has made the traditional office a place that requires optimization, while increasing its efficiency.

Safety and well-being

Since the onset of the pandemic, everything has been aimed at improving security, offering protection and taking care of people’s health. All this is a priority in any workspace, but not only now, as it will continue to be that way in the future. This has caused the protocols of security, social distance, human density and sanitation of spaces to be more and more consolidated. The use of sustainable equipment that offers well-being to users is also increasingly being taken into account.

New work methodologies

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The new global challenges also force companies to modify their structure, their processes and their own spaces to achieve a more flexible work system, taking advantage of the opportunities that technology opens up and promoting creativity and well-being. A new way of approaching work to focus on what is relevant: ideas, projects and people.

Thus, new methodologies emerge that favor flexibility and innovation based on collaboration between people and technologies. A cooperation that contributes to reducing operating costs and reducing the impact on the environment.

The methodology agile It is a key part of this transformation in large companies, allowing to organize and distribute work quickly and flexibly among different multidisciplinary teams, without losing control and with the ability to make the best option at all times.

All this has been translated into solutions and equipment agile by Actiu for collective work spaces, which open the door to a culture of project work, providing autonomy, freedom and flexibility and regardless of the space that each member of the team occupies. A proposal that fits into their philosophy of products, which have always stood out for their versatility that has opened the doors to environments beyond the office such as the home, hospitals, universities, airports and hotels, among others.

Technology Smart

The new smart tools make it possible to take advantage of the possibilities of technology to sensorize spaces and furniture elements, in order to ensure adequate environmental conditions, as well as an optimal and efficient use of the entire work environment.

Some tools Smart in which Actiu has been working since, in 2018, it presented the solution Actiu Next, in order to contribute to the well-being of people and the efficiency of workspaces. A prototype that has evolved into the current project of Gaia, an IoT platform that sensorizes furniture to obtain usage data and the conditions of the surrounding environment.

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