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Turn your room into a youthful, fun and feminine space using the fuchsia color for your decoration. It is one of the favorite tones for girls because it is also lively, warm and energetic.


Fuchsia is used as an accent color in different decorative accessories such as bed cushions, bedside table lamp bases, curtains, wall stickers, vases or headboards.


We see other colors such as red or orange that usually accompany fuchsia as an accent, achieving a much more energetic effect but with an incomparable result as we see it in this design.


Accompanied by another main color such as white, black or gray. Neutral tones that help balance the room and don’t look too overwhelming.


Various patterns and textures used in the bed accompanied by other colors such as lilac and orange, a great focal point is achieved as we see in this design.


Another way to add fuchsia to the room is to include one wall in this color and the rest in a light neutral tone. Despite being a small bedroom, the light walls at the ends seem to enlarge it.


A youth bedroom where we see fuchsia everywhere. Zebra details and other black and white accessories create a harmonious space.

fuchsia-orange-room bedroom-fucisa-green bedroom-fuchsia-lilac bedroom-fuchsia-black

Designs: David Jensen, Design Dazzle

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