FUTUR2 reinvents itself in the new normal

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Decor : FUTUR2 reinvents itself in the new normal

The Covid-19 crisis is affecting many sectors of society, but nightlife is one of those that is suffering the most from this situation, a situation that seems to have no end for now. Despite this, the professionals have not stopped working at any time, adapting the premises to the new measures and sanitary requirements.

Since its inception, more than 25 years ago, the Barcelona studio Futur2 has managed to stay one step ahead in its sector to become a leading company in the design of unique spaces. So, during all these years of experience, the team led by Pepe López del Hoyo and Josep Lluís Canyelles has been drawing the nocturnal aesthetics of the city of Barcelona, ​​printing its own style in most of its clubs, to the point that Barcelona’s nightlife cannot be conceived without the contribution of Futur2.

Due to the situation we are going through, Futur2 has had to reinvent itself once again to survive in a “new reality” in which, it seems, at the moment there is no place for nightlife. The designers, responsible for the design of premises such as Cachitos, Opium, Pachá or Shôko, have shared their expertise with the local managers in recent months in order to adapt the locations to the requirements and measures promoted by the government, without renouncing the aesthetics already characteristic of these clubs.

With its sights set on the coming months, the Barcelona study remains positive and even announces new ways of collaboration within the hotel and luxury housing sector, following in the wake of projects such as Aguas de Ibiza or the Hotel Costa Mujeres located in the Riviera Maya. “Despite the hard blow we have received we remain positive, we will soon start new projects and we are sure that the future will bring us new opportunities like these” López de Hoyo concludes.

About Futur2

Futur2 is a multidisciplinary design and interior design studio in Barcelona that has been creating trends in restaurant design, as well as retail, contract and ephemeral, for more than twenty years. A trajectory in which scenographic roots from the world of cinema and theater are mixed with conceptual design, one of its differential values, to find the most creative and personalized solutions in each project.

Many of his designs have been chosen in the “Top 10 restaurants” and “Top 10 clubs” of specialized design magazines, such as the renowned Frame, as well as being selected in several editions of the “London Design Awards”.

The studio is located in Futur Factory, a 1926 industrial warehouse from [email protected], with more than 3,500 m2 between offices and workshops.

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