Games room in the attic – Ideas for a recreation space

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Decor : Games room in the attic – Ideas for a recreation space

cozy games room

The playroom for a child is a space where he has fun and develops his imagination and creativity. Many times we complain about the lack of space in our home. But the attic is a great option to design a playroom for your child. And even for the whole family.

games room attic

Most of the time, the attic is used as a storage area which we never pay attention to. But without a doubt, it is very viable to transform it into a functional and fun space for the little ones in the house. And we mention the little ones so much, since it is they who perhaps need a little more space to distract themselves.

playroom open storage

But of course the different tips work for both children’s and older playrooms. When it comes to designing and decorating any space in your home it is very exciting. But even more so, when you design and decorate a game room where the whole family can enjoy.

games room large penthouse

But when there are little ones at home, the decoration becomes a little more exciting. Since you may want to include much more color. You have a much better chance of using your imagination and creativity to make it fun. Of course, even if you have endless options to design and decorate a game room in the attic, you should still take into account some recommendations.

Game room in the attic with beautiful decoration

playroom storage walls

Since it will be a space for fun where there will be many items or toys, you must ensure storage among other small things. But don’t stress out, it’s not complicated. Just look at the ideas we bring you and take into account the practical advice we offer you.

spacious attic game room

You will surely find inspiration with some design to transform your attic into the perfect games room to satisfy your needs. A game room can be in any other room in your home. But when you don’t have more rooms available, then what better than the attic.

games room small penthouse

In addition, thanks to its structure, with sloping walls it makes the room look much more cozy. It is worth mentioning that one of the advantages of the attic for a games room is that, in general, they are usually very spacious, so it gives you room for your imagination.

pastel color game room

Even if you have a small attic, you still have many possibilities to take advantage of it and transform it into a games room. Of course, you also have the option of designing a bedroom and a game room at the same time, depending on how spacious your attic is.

game room wall statement

Although sometimes it is preferable to have the bedroom only to sleep and the games room for distraction. Well, if your attic has a sloping roof, you could take a wall and make it a focal point by placing an impression that is shocking. You can also think of a slate wall.

game room with bedroom

Remember that the furniture you are going to use should not be so high due to the sloping ceiling. When it comes to decorations for children’s rooms, the colors that are always present are white, blue, and maybe even red. Just like when it is a decoration for girls, pink is always present.

Children’s playroom in the attic with a colorful floor

colorful game room

But nowadays a slightly wider color palette is already being used regardless of whether it is a decoration for a boy or a girl. Even neutral colors are being used for baby rooms and they look spectacular. In short, in reality it will only depend on your taste or that of your little one.

game room original decoration

You can take advantage of the bright and flashy colors for the decoration of the game room. Using bold patterns and prints to create a focal point. As well as you can use a simple and warm color palette which can be refreshing for the room.

games room simple decoration

By painting the walls and ceiling white you can make the attic look much more spacious and airy. Another aspect to consider is the floor of the game room. The floor is something essential which can give it a sophisticated touch but it must be resistant.

games room design

Of course you can take into account the light wood floors that perfectly complement the decoration. Or choose a wall-to-wall carpet floor, which could help keep your floor from scratching. Keep in mind that a game room either just for your little one or for the whole family will be very active, so the floor certainly needs to be stronger than usual.

adult games room

It is recommended that you seek the opinion of an expert before starting with your design of a game room in your attic. It is really wonderful to convert the attic into a games room, the most interesting thing is its structure, the angles, the walls and especially its roof.

Family games room

family game room

However, on the walls of an attic there is not much space for storage. So you must choose a different storage. Cabinets and shelves are a great option. Built-in benches and seats by the windows or perhaps around the room are a lifesaver, as they multitask without costing a fortune. Every corner counts so keep them in mind.

blue orange game room

As we already mentioned, the ceiling and white painted walls give your attic much brighter, but if you combine a wall with another color, for example blue, it will make a beautiful contrast. If you have a window, you can also take advantage of it and make it a focal point.

games room excellent lighting

You can make a very cozy space for reading right in the window, to take advantage of natural light. Of course, each penthouse is different, but the shape of the game room can definitely be determined. The important thing is that you do not waste any space even if it is insignificant for you.

cool game room storage

Of course there are corners where you cannot place any piece of furniture or accessories, but you can highlight it with color. Don’t forget, color is the easiest way to make a space look and feel eye-catching and also fun and inviting, in the case of game rooms.

playroom small furniture

You can even leave the walls aside, paint them blank and instead you could choose to combine different colors for the different walls. The only thing is that the lighting should be adequate so that it does not look so loaded.

Fun children’s playroom with slide and climbing wall

slide games room

Another idea is to keep the walls in monochromatic colors, as the furniture or accessories in the playroom are possibly colorful. Your attic can perfectly become what you need. You could transform it in the same way in an office and at the same time a living room.

girl games room

This can give you the option to work while watching your little one. Depending on the taste of each person, there are those who love having a room full of accessories and elements. And there are people who prefer something a little more clear and relaxing even if there are children present.

rustic games room

However, the truth is that an overload of very striking and bright colors can make the space look and feel very congested. It is much better than possible, try to keep a clear and relaxed space. And at the same time that will give a feeling of a larger space.

green wall game room

Lighting is usually left a bit out of the way. Of course, almost always penthouses have one or two windows that provide plenty of natural light. But you still need to complement that natural lighting with artificial light. The use of wall lights and recessed lights provides the necessary ambient lighting.

fun game room

Most game rooms require a lot of focused lighting. Pendants are by preference the ideal choice. In almost all interior decorations you can see the padded benches by the window. Without a doubt, nothing beats that feeling of comfort and tranquility.

Game room with bench in the window

games room bench window

Due to the structure of the attics with their sloping roofs, there is not much vertical space. So these beautiful padded benches provide ample seating. And at the same time a small space to relax when you are alone in the living room.

flashy floor game room

In addition to the amazing padded bench by the window, the floor pillows and even the bean balls are great seating options without resorting to conventional chairs or stools. Keep safety in mind as children will be present in the playroom.

game room entertainment

A folding ladder is not safe for children. If your attic doesn’t have direct access from a main floor, then you should consider building a royal staircase. Children will go up and down throughout the day so you want to avoid any accident.

Playroom for children

Mechanisms that prevent windows from being raised beyond a few centimeters are a good option if you don’t want to block the window completely. There are some penthouses that have a small balcony so it is also preferable that you ensure access for children.

minimalist game room

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