Garden fountains, decorative and relaxing

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Decor : Garden fountains, decorative and relaxing

Garden fountains

Fountains have been throughout history a fundamental piece in the gardens. A decorative element that not only adds character to them, but also contributes to creating serene and reflective environments thanks to the murmur of the water.

In dry summers like ours, garden fountains are also a tool to bring freshness to this outdoor space. The reasons for wanting put a fountain in your gardentherefore, they are numerous. As many as the factors that you must take into account to choose one.

Prior factors to take into account

You will not anticipate anything if you start looking for garden fountains without having previously analyzed where you want to put it and what characteristics you are looking for in it. The possibilities in the market are endless and asking yourself a few questions before you start will speed up your search.

Garden fountains

  1. Where are you going to place it? In the center of the garden or against a wall?
  2. Do you prefer a custom work fountain or a prefabricated model?
  3. What style are you looking for your garden? Classic, contemporary, Mediterranean, minimalist, natural …
  4. Is the sound of the source important to you? Both the flow rate and the height of the water jet will influence the amount of noise from the source.
  5. Can you connect it to running water? Are you willing to do work or do you prefer to use other types of operating mechanisms?

Answering these questions will help you configure the most suitable font type for your garden. This way you can filter your search and reach the garden fountains that interest you more quickly. Then, between the real possibilities, both the design and the budget will help you make the last decision.

Types of garden fountains

If you have tried to answer the questions, it will not be difficult for you to guess that there are many factors that we can look at to classify garden fountains in different types. However, today we will only focus on two, in which we consider most important: performance and material.

By its style / material

The material or set of materials from which a garden fountain has been made determine your style. Most of the classic style fountains are made of stone, as well as those of Mediterranean style it is usual that they present ceramic elements.

  • Stone fountains: Natural stone fountains have been used throughout history as a focal element in the garden. The pieces carved and with sculptural forms have traditionally occupied the center of the most elegant gardens. Those with basins or troughs, for their part, have traditionally decorated the walls of large country houses. Both are characterized by their high cost.

Classic stone fountains

  • Tiled fountains: This type of fountains are usually made of concrete and decorated with tiles. In the Arab culture they present rounded shapes and very colorful motifs; These are the sources that we generally find in southern Spain. However, it is possible to create other types of fonts from tiles, fonts with a more modern aesthetic. How? Using straight lines and tiles in black and white tones.

Tiled fountains

  • Metallic sources: Over time, metal fountains acquire a very characteristic patina that gives them character. In metal you can find forged fountains with a classic aesthetic, but also others created from simple metal pieces that acquire a more modern aesthetic and that fit perfectly in minimalist or oriental-inspired gardens.

Metal fountains

For its operation

A very important aspect to take into account is the type of operation of the fountain. Most of them have electric motors that you can connect to the grid or run through external batteries or solar panels. Keep in mind that depending on where you want to place the fountain, connecting it to the electrical network may require additional works and raise the cost.

With what type of fountain would you like to decorate your garden?

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