Garden Fountains to Decorate Your Space

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I must confess that when I thought about garden fountainsImages of Rococo fountains came to mind, ornate to the impossible and old-fashioned.

But I was amazed when I started browsing and I found beautiful, super original and modern ideas.

I saw so many beautiful things that I have to share them, because I am sure that seeing them will make you want to have one of these beautiful garden fountains.


For fish lovers, an aquarium-fountain will bring color, movement and life to that special corner. Lots of good energy.

01 aquariums02 aquariums03 aquariums


They are very easy to do and will be perfect if you have a sloping garden.

04 channel05 channel

And look at this original way of collecting rainwater to use it for watering plants and cleaning your terrace.

06 channel


A constant waterfall, ideal for those who love the sound of rain.

07 waterfall08 waterfall

Fonts with Objects

There are many objects that were made for a very different task, but that can work perfectly to make garden fountains. Such is the case of this hydrant …

09 fire hydrant

… These bottles of wine…

10 recycled objects11 recycled objects

… Or this old brass trombone.

12 recycled objects

Music, Master!

And on the subject of the trombone, look at how many beautiful sources that evoke the music. Only here, instead of the sound of these instruments, you will hear the pleasant running of the waters.

13 music14 music15 music

Style details

A beautiful piece of bronze can be enough to make a delicate fountain that everyone will have to admire. This is 171 centimeters, that is, it is a life-size ballerina! and it is a work of art in itself.

16 style details

Modern Designs

If your home or yard is modernly decorated, an ornate or classically designed fountain may not fit well.

You can opt for these geometric and very artistic designs, to which you can even add light so that they also shine at night. They are ideal for dividing rooms.

16 design17 design 2


And speaking of modernity, these spheres left me with my mouth open. Nothing more simple and minimalist and at the same time so resounding and admirable.

18 spheres19 spheres


But if the spheres enchanted me, I was even more dazzled by this tornado fountain, also called “vortex”.

21 tornado

It’s amazing! Water in constant motion, which you can make yourself by following these simple steps:


For those who are in the mood to make something with your own hands, here I show you several ideas of home garden fountains that you can make quickly and easily and without investing too much money.

They just have to think carefully about where they are going to locate it and make sure they have a water source, drains in the right places, in addition to waterproofing vulnerable areas.

22 homemade23 homemade24 homemade25 DIY26 homemade

Camouflaged Fountain

If you do not want to make a large monument and you prefer that your fountain go unnoticed, then opt for this option in which a cluster of rocks will surprise a large jet of water.

27 camouflaged font


The classic fountains made with barrels or old wine casks, will never go out of style. If you want to go beyond the model with a spout, add plants with flowers or take a risk with fun objects that surprise your guests.

29 barrel30 barrel with flowers31 original barrel


Perhaps it is what most caught my attention in my search. I could never have imagined that my garden table could at the same time be the vehicle to have a beautiful waterfall. Smooth, smooth and transparent. Simply original.

33 tables35 tables34 tables

I hope that some of these ideas can be adapted to your space, your special corner and also to your budget. It will be a detail that will decorate your home, give you constant freshness and help you relax with the soft sound of the water.

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